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A Fancy Affair!

On Tuesday evening, we were part of a fantastic event; the annual Royal Society of Chemistry's Summer Party, held at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

Equipped with essential oils, the Queen’s perfume, Adamas, and a ‘danger pot’ containing the vile smelling butanoic acid (think fish mixed with vomit and an added dollop of disgusting), we were ready to entertain guests prior to their entry to the Royal Academy of Arts with an activity named Chemistry makes scents. Those who were brave enough to take part had a chance of winning a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of flowers.

Guests were asked to smell the contents of the pots and match up the molecule that contributes to each smell to their corresponding molymod molecular structure – adding an element of chemistry to the whole affair. We had a lot of guests taking part in the activity, and they really enjoyed it. That was despite gusts of wind threatening to overturn the table, and having to take strict control of the Queen’s perfume or risk ending up in the Tower (when donating the perfume to the Queen the RSC promised that no one would wear the perfume but her)!

After finishing work, we quickly changed into our ball gowns, and had the opportunity to browse the Summer Exhibition, eat delicious food and socialise with RSC members and distinguished guests.

It was truly a night to remember!

Top photo: RSC Grads (from left to right: Rachel, Emily, Jenny, Marie and Jon) with External Promotions Manager   Pauline outside the Royal Academy of Arts

Bottom photo: To the ball we go! (From left to right: Rachel, Jon, Emily, Marie and Jen.)



Posted by Marie Chapman on Jul 25, 2013 2:49 PM Europe/London

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