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Gareth - Industry

Videos, events, experiments and technology! Lots of changes since last you heard from me. Am I still loving every minute of it? Is a water molecule polar???!!!!

I have left my rotation in Membership, although a last hurrah recruiting student members in Ireland and North Wales turned into a bit of an adventure as I took to plane, train, automobile, ferry and even scooter to make sure members new and old were up to date with all our initiatives and to help with any queries they had.

On my return, I then completely changed rotations to Industry. I’ll be the first to admit, that with no experience of working in an industrial environment and not a huge knowledge of business, this seemed a little bit daunting but with a traditional RSC welcome (a combination of complete warmth and enthusiasm combined with throwing you straight into the “deep end”) I instantly loved this role.

It seems crazy to think I’ve only been here for two months but in that time I’ve been involved in such a huge variation of projects. I’ve been involved in organising the Joliot-Curie conference in Edinburgh (16th/17th Sept), a conference aiming to help encourage diversity and inclusivity within the chemical sciences. (It’s free! Keep your eyes peeled for registration!) .

The most fun project I’m currently occupied with has been the Emerging Technologies Competition. This prestigious event, with a £10,000 cash prize, has been one of my key priorities and has given me some rather interesting opportunities… Including becoming a director! Knowing only that every good director has a clapper board and a chair with their name on it, I made my way to London to make a film on how to deliver the perfect pitch (the elevator kind that is, not the musical). Once I eventually found a room that didn’t have building works right outside, I only had to tackle with the HD camera, the lighting, the microphones, the editing software and the music before my masterpiece was created.  I will let you guys all know when it goes live...

As well as that, I’ve been looking at the Industry and Technology awards system, the Health and Safety support information available on learn chemistry, and organising an RSC Roadshow in Cardiff on the 26th June (lots of free, interesting and exciting talks for any budding or seasoned chemical scientists out there). As if that isn't enough to be getting on with, I've even made bold steps into the musical world singing bass in the Royal Society of Chemistry's choir affectionately known as "Choirality". I can't read music, I've never sung in a choir before but sometimes I get the right note and they seem happy with that for now!

Once again RSC, you’ve taken me outside my comfort zone, given me incredible experiences, taught me about some areas I didn’t even know existed and you’ve supported me every step of the way! GIVE ME MORE!!!

Gareth Davies is a Graduate currently working in the Industry Team on the Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here

Posted by Gareth Davies on Apr 23, 2014 11:19 AM Europe/London

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