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Jenny - Marketing

coffee infographic describing volumne and caffeine level
A post about welly boots, the first article about benzene and a BBC history piece on an amateur balloonist are on my desktop at the moment. These are all for the 175 Faces of Chemistry profile about Michael Faraday that I’m writing. My plans for publicising the project have nearly come to a close, although there’ll be more to look out for in EiC next month. This makes for just enough time to write another profile before the end of my rotation in Marketing.

It’s been a fantastic 6 months, not only managing the publicity for 175 Faces, but also finding out about Google AdWords and Analytics. I’ve been using AdWords to let people know about our themed journal issues – everything from Lab on a Chip technology to macronutrient cycles. I’ve also loved writing a couple of journal blogs about 175 Faces who’ve contributed to those journals, highlighting quotes about “these creatures called orbitals”, destroying spatulas and prejudice against people who can’t grow moustaches.

Google Analytics has allowed me to see how successful some of the publicity ideas were by showing me how many visits there’ve been to the 175 site. I’ve used it to answer some very varied questions from colleagues too, including finding the most useful screen resolution for developing a new mobile app, and discovering what “rsc-lc-treasure” is.

I've also found out about the Tea Advisory Panel (after writing a Chemistry World article about coffee), and enjoyed helping with the amazing Chemistry and Art exhibition at Burlington House.
Posted by Jenifer Mizen on Aug 28, 2014 9:57 AM Europe/London

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