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Isobel - Accreditation/Membership

As Geri and Anu have mentioned, the end of February meant one thing to all the grads – time for our new rotations!

I had a brilliant 6 months in the Science team. Over the six months I developed skills in a number of different areas. I experienced project management for the first time running our Take 1… science communication video competition and learnt a lot about communications and targeting specific audiences. I had quite a few chances to improve my writing skills in this rotation including producing a Mole article for our 14-18 year old magazine. Having previously shied away from writing, I definitely feel more confident now and actually think I quite enjoy it! All the “new” grads also gained invaluable training in presentation skills. I’ve since had a number of occasions to put what we learnt into practice giving internal and external presentations on another of my projects on  electronic lab notebooks -  the opinions of physical chemists.

Anu mentioned, all the grads helped at the Cambridge science festival recently too. This was my first time doing any outreach activities. It was a really fun day but what I did realise is that children are EXHAUSTING! Good job Debbie had found us a pub close by to pop to after smiley

I’ve now moved downstairs and am spending the next six months in the Accreditation team and Membership Development. I was definitely sad to leave Science but at the same time excited for what was next. I’ll be involved with the work we do accrediting university chemistry courses and I’ve also got some membership recruitment trips in the diary. I’ve currently got trips planned to York, Newcastle, Liverpool, Norwich and Zurich and am really looking forward to meeting lots of our current members as well as potential new ones over the next six months!

Isobel Hogg is a graduate working on the Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here.
Posted by Isobel Hogg on Mar 27, 2015 1:56 PM Europe/London

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