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Geri - Marketing

So, my time on the Graduate Scheme is drawing to an end as today I finish my third rotation in the Content Marketing team.
The past four months in the Content Marketing team have been invaluable in learning even more about the Royal Society of Chemistry and how projects arise and go from ideas to fully planned out campaigns. I have been involved with our usability testing projects, looking into how we can use video chats as well as helping with the videography for this year’s Emerging Technologies Competition.
Working on our usability testing projects and process has been really interesting as I've been able to look at new products that we are developing, such as our recently launched titration screen experiment, as well as how our current products and services could be improved. Recently I organised to do some user testing on our publishing website with a variety of students and academics down the road from us at Cambridge University. It was really interesting watching and listening how people use our publishing website and also how we might be able to develop it to provide them with a better product.
A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to attend our Emerging Technologies Competition which is an annual event organised by the Industry team. I worked alongside the videographers and a colleague in marketing to ensure that we got footage from all parts of the event as well as interviews with those that took part, from the partners to the winners. The event was bigger than last year as it not only had more categories but it was also open to entrants from all over Europe. The two day event was really interesting in itself but it was also great to work backstage shadowing more of what the Content Marketing team get up to day to day.

Our London site is in part of Burlington House adjacent to the Royal Academy of Arts and last year when I worked on the Chemistry and Art exhibition I had the chance to meet and talk with one of their curators. Recently she invited me to the opening of her Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust exhibition which was not only a lovely event and exhibition but really interesting to see some of what our courtyard neighbours are doing. I fully recommend coming along to Open House 2016 to have a look around the societies there including the Royal Society of Chemistry! 
Twice a month we have a graduate team meeting, which means we get to share with each other what we've been up to in our current rotation (and often involves cake!). Following the Cambridge Science Festival back in March we had some radish seeds leftover so decided to have what we called a 'Radish-off' which meant that over the past few months we've been trying to grow award winning radishes. I was rather pleased to win the creative title of 'Radish That Looks Most Like A Face'.
I’m leaving the Graduate Scheme to join the Membership Engagement team and with the experience I have gained over the past 16 months I feel prepared and ready for it!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 16 months on the scheme but I am also excited for what lies ahead.
"Once a grad, always a grad"
Geri is a Graduate currently working in the Marketing department on the Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here
Posted by Geri Kitley on Jul 14, 2015 4:10 PM Europe/London

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