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  • Lizzy - Strategic Communications (Draft)
    The very eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted me among these pages before, around 4 years ago when I was on what was then known as the Publishing Graduate Scheme. I came to the Royal Society of Chemistry through the Publishing route, knowing that I wanted a career in chemistry, but outside of the lab, and not really sure what that would look like. After 3 ... more...
  • Katrina – Chemistry World (Draft)
    From bench monkey to science journalist wannabe in just three simple steps! After having spent five years as a researcher, getting the unique chance to work as a trainee with the RSC was an exciting change. I’m currently on rotation with Chemistry World . Having been friendly and welcoming from day one, everyone in the team has been amazingly ... more...
  • Isobel M - Strategic Innovation (Draft)
    I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas – it feels like I only just started! I honestly can’t quite believe that I have been at the Royal Society of Chemistry for almost four months now. It has completely flown by. I started my first rotation in September in the Strategic Innovation Group, working on one of the organisation’s ... more...
  • Membership Development (Draft)
    Out and about with Membership Development   The last few months on my placement in the Books team fle w by; I received a completed manuscript that I passed over to production, created a blog for our Authors, worked with Design and Marketing to produce postcards for our new title Science and Art that were then sent to galleries and museums around the ... more...
  • Jenny - Member Services (Draft)
    As a new face at the RSC, this is my first ever grad blog! I’ve already been to our offices at Burlington House in London, on recruitment visits, interviews, and even to a photography shoot. Two months ago I had my first day at the RSC, like Isobel, in the Member Services team. Slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of managing our 175 Faces of Chemistry ... more...
  • Isobel - Science (Draft)
    Two months in and looking forward to the next sixteen! I’ve been at the Royal Society of Chemistry for about two months now and I’m really enjoying my first placement in the Science team. Between graduating and joining the RSC Graduate Trainee scheme, I’d spent two years working in Japan and one year working for an insurance ... more...
Ever wanted to know what we get up to on the RSC graduate scheme? In this blog, members of our graduate scheme describe some of the interesting (or unusual!) activities and projects they are working on, as well as what it is like to work in a variety of departments across the RSC.

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I’m sad to say this will be my last post on the graduate scheme blog, as I have started a great new job on the Chemistry World editorial team.

It’s been a great year overall: I have learned a lot over four rotations – membership sales, science, communications and Chemistry World. I also got involved in several graduate team projects, including writing for On This Day in Chemistry, organising lectures at the Chemistry Centre and helping to run outreach activities at the Cambridge Science Festival. I’m sure all the skills I have picked up along the way will stand me in good ste
ad for my new role.

My last rotation was in the Chemistry World team, helping to put the magazine together each month. I really enjoyed this, so was thrilled to be offered a position as a science correspondent.

My new role involves writing news and feature articles – I scour press releases and recently published papers for cool chemistry stories, then interview different scientists about the research and write about it. I’ve also participated in recording the monthly podcast, and have written some podcasts for the Chemistry in its Element series. Part of my job is to report from scientific events and conferences, and I am really excited about going to the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting in Germany later this month.

Though I’m thrilled to be embarking on a new adventure, I am sorry to have to leave the grad team – and not just because of the delicious cakes at weekly meetings! But I know that lots of grads stay at the RSC in permanent roles, so I’m sure I won’t have to say goodbye anytime soon.

Emma is a past Graduate of Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here
Posted by Emma Stoye on Jun 13, 2013 4:16 PM BST

When we were allocated our new rotations, I was intrigued to be going into the marketing department. Having no marketing experience previously, I didn’t know what to expect from the rotation, but one of the best parts of the graduate scheme is the experience of trying new things!

Luckily for me, the marketing department (as is the whole of the RSC) were very welcoming and helpful in showing me how much marketing takes place at the RSC.  I was given the opportunity to work on several different projects, including the Westminster Fellowship Scheme. Working on the scheme introduced me to so many different ways of marketing, from e-mails to LinkedIn advertising. As with most projects within the RSC, I was working with several departments, including another graduate in membership development who was very helpful in tweeting about the scheme from the @teamMyRSC twitter account.

Both of my rotations in Marketing and Higher Education, Business and Industry incorporated many different projects that involved data analysis. Working on these projects helped me to identify my enjoyment of working in this area. While in marketing, a postion in the Business Intelligence team came up and with the support from colleagues I applied. At the end of May I finished in marketing and the graduate scheme to start my new role as a business intelligence analyst.
The graduate scheme was a fantastic opportunity for me to work with many different teams and also receive lots of training, plus it was lovely to be able to work with the other grads on the graduate projects. The two graduate projects that I have worked on since being involved in the graduate scheme have been great fun and a brilliant opportunity for the grads to work together. Just after joining the scheme, I was involved in the organization of the policy lecture series and in January the graduates were given what seemed the mammoth task of organising the RSC stand at the Cambridge Science Festival. Whilst a huge task, working together and with other staff it was a success, with a few laughs along the way – the giant Benedict Cumberbatch, lots of star jumps, bath bombs and a large quantity of dried fruit!

Melissa is a past Graduate of Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here

Posted by Melissa Black on Jun 6, 2013 11:22 AM BST
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