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November In Member Networks


November in the Member Networks Team has turned out to be one of the busiest times of the year. With the General Assembly and ChemCareers 2010 taking place in consecutive weeks, it’s been all hands on deck to deliver events the whole team can be proud of. For the first time, MyRSC was crucial to both and as the feedback comes in, the team is already making plans on how to improve next year. If you haven’t yet got around to giving your feedback, you can do so here for ChemCareers and here for the General Assembly.

Having had a couple of weeks to catch my breath and get back in to my Member Networks stride, I thought I’d mention the other parts of my job in the team. From day one, I was trusted to liaise with RSC members and coordinate projects with members of staff across different departments. A scary thought for someone new to the business especially when even the telephone system can be completely baffling! But, I was given all the support I needed and as I’ve settled into my role, I’ve been given more and more responsibility. From coordinating registration and funding for Student Chemical Societies to working more closely with Local Sections, I’ve been given lots of opportunities to get involved with RSC Networks. I’m even the editor of the monthly Networks Newsletter which from January will be making its first appearance on MyRSC.

In the run-up to Christmas (which made its presence felt today in the spectacularly decorated restaurant) and before my next rotation, I’ll be making sure all of my projects are completed or ready to hand over to the next graduate. In the last four months, Member Networks has been a great place to find my feet at the RSC and I’ve really appreciated all the support I’ve been given. To find out more about the different Groups which make up the Member Networks, take a look at the RSC website.

Sophie is a Graduate working in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Science, Education and Industry Department. To see if there are any current vacancies go to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' Blog or subscribe to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' by Email

Posted by Sophie Boldon on Dec 1, 2010 3:40 PM Europe/London

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