Ever wanted to know what the staff at the RSC get up to? In this blog, members of our graduate schemes describe some of the interesting (or unusual!) activities and projects they are working on...

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Member Services

Starting on the graduate scheme at the end of September 2012, I began my first rotation in Membership Services. This was not an area I would have necessarily chosen for myself but, as with the RSC in general, the variety and scope of work that falls under its remit is far greater and more varied than I thought.

For 175 Faces of Chemistry, a three-year long diversity project, I wrote copy for the website and produced promotional materials for the launch, working closely with the communications and design team. Since the launch, I have been involved in the on-going process of choosing the featured faces and looking at expanding how the project can link into other events and anniversaries, both RSC and more widely.

Another longer-term project that has been completely different is Trends in Remuneration, the RSC’s salary survey. After a slower start - a lot of reading up on previous surveys - I have been working with a cross section of departments to design the new survey and working on the briefing document for tender to research companies.

When the RSC hosted the National Youth Theatre at Burlington House, to perform If Chloe Can... a play to encourage girls to raise their career aspirations, I worked with Events and the BH team on the logistics. I liaised with the panellists to write their biographies, provided support on the day and attended a complementary event in the evening to celebrate women champions in science.

Every graduate works on real projects with tangible affects and benefits for the RSC (not just ‘graduate work’ that doesn’t have an impact). I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time and found everyone, both in my team and other departments, to be extremely friendly and helpful (even when I ask a question for the third time).

Holly Salisbury is a Graduate working on the Royal Society of Chemistry's graduate scheme. To see if there are any current vacancies go to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' Blog or subscribe to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' by Email
Posted by Holly Salisbury on Jan 17, 2013 9:32 AM Europe/London

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