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Science Team

It’s been eleven months since I joined the RSC and I am now approaching the end of my final rotation as part of the scheme. Time flies!

I am currently working within the science team which is a great team to be involved with as everyone is really friendly and the work is varied. For example, recently I’ve been involved in research into medicinal chemistry education in the UK. However I’ve also been helping to devise this year’s global experiment and have been involved in the organisation of a policy lecture on nuclear energy.  

It’s amazing to think back on all the projects I have been involved in.  

Working at the RSC I’ve gained a much better understanding of the role of the society plays in supporting and advancing the chemical sciences. I’ve met people from all over the UK (and in fact all over the world) and had the opportunity to interact with people whose interests lie in different areas of chemistry and who are at very different stages of their careers. There have been countless events and it has been really rewarding to be a part of some of them from the start to finish. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel considerably, mainly in the UK, but also further afield and I’m very proud that I now have a much better knowledge of UK geography. I even know where Loughborough is!

If you are considering applying for the graduate scheme, I would definitely recommend it. The RSC provide lots of training and support and the other grads are great! They didn’t make me say that – honestly.

Laura Smart is a Graduate working on the Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if there are any current vacancies go to RSC Latest Vacancies
Posted by Laura Smart on Feb 18, 2013 2:38 PM Europe/London

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