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I Love Our Members

As the title suggests, I love the members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, our members, our community. I am on my last day in the fair city of Glasgow having done our first careers hub of the autumn. Whilst the focus is on careers consultations and actually getting to the places you live to support you we also have talks and networking, to help you find out more about the local people in your city/area.

Last night for our Profiles in Chemistry talk we had David McMullan from Scottish Water. The idea of the talk is to show you that careers are very linear, people rarely set out in a job that they thought they would and David is no exception. He talked us through his degree in Applied Chemistry and how he worked for British Coal before moving into water , a move he made with no extra qualifications and no hassle. How? Because he, and his employers could see the thread of analytical chemistry which runs through both roles and the transferable skills which come alongside.

In addition to his career David showcased Scottish Water and all the important work they, and other water companies do. From deer poo to diesel they remove contaminants using chemistry to make our water safe to drink and what a fine job they do.

Did you know that due to new regulations there are a number of roles in water companies for which you need to be Chartered? Something to consider with our Chartered Chemist programme

Anyway, with Profiles in Chemistry, ChemCareers and other events in our education, science, membership and industry teams there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, share your experiences and promote your company to the members of the Royal Society of Chemistry and also to universities and schools in your local area - just get in touch to find out more.
Posted by Charlotte Ashley-Roberts on Aug 27, 2014 7:35 AM Europe/London

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