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Broken Promises

We've all done it, haven't we? Promised ourselves we will do something, only to find our enthusiasm lapsing, or time getting away with us or just finding that whatever it is we promised just isn't working out for us. Perhaps we are spreading ourselves too thin. Take this blog for example, when I came back to work I promised myself I would be more consistent in blogging, more regular. I knew time would be short but I figured once a week would be manageable; it seems it isn't.

The question is, do I just give up? Of course not, not in this case. There are plenty of reasons to continue, not least I really enjoy it. That's the thing isn't it? There are just some things we need to keep trying at. Throughout our career there are moments where we find we are unable to do the things we love to do and so we keep trying. Perhaps there comes a point where we need to do something about it.

Today, I am doing something about this blog. I am re-promising to myself (and to you) that I will blog once a week, where ever possible. What will you re-promise yourself? To get on top of your CPD? To look for a new job? To brush up your CV? To keep your network up to date?

Fortuitously, we are in the midst of ChemCareers this week, an opportunity for you to do all of the above. Today we are focusing on applications and interviews so if you have been putting off updating your CV or applying for a job, or if you are worried about an upcoming interview, come along and get some support.

You may, on reflection decide that whatever it is you promised yourself isn't working. Be honest with yourself and anyone else who may be affected but be kind to yourself, you can't do everything, make your choice and don't look back.

If none of that is relevant, we have more: tomorrow is small and medium businesses and Friday focuses on green careers. You are also welcome to get in touch anytime to ask for support, information and guidance whenever you need us.
Posted by Charlotte Ashley-Roberts on Nov 12, 2014 9:04 AM Europe/London

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