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Feel Good Friday

When I ask people what they like most about their company the most common answer I hear is " the people". I am very fortunate that I too enjoy working in my team...especially as today my boss showed us how much she valued us in the form of for all the dietary requirements in the team as well, no easy feat with gluten and nut and dairy free!
Making the most of my sugar rush I thought I would write the blog and so turning to my team I asked for a topic (not the chocolate kind, do they even make those anymore?!) and the suggestion came does your team make you feel valued?
For many of us it is not (just) about the salary, there is trust, recognition and respect (see my blog on values for more) too. So my question to you is:

What have you done today to make your team, or a member in that team feel valued?

It could be a thank you when they have done something to help you, it could be a box of chocolates, time spent bonding over a cup of tea and a chat or maybe an email to your boss to say that you really value a colleague. It can be something overt or under the radar.

Go on...make yourself and your team feel good this Friday.
Posted by Charlotte Ashley-Roberts on Feb 1, 2013 2:54 PM Europe/London

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