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West India Local Section Update

The RSC’s West India Local Section held their first student chemistry outreach event on the 20th October 2012 at KTHM College Nashik, entitled: ‘Opportunities and Advances in Chemical Sciences’. Nearly 200 post-graduate students and teachers, from Nashik and nearby PG Science Colleges, participated in the event – a clear success! 

Mrs Nirmala Pawar and Dr. Vidya Avasare introduced the audience to the Vision and Mission of RSC, which was followed by a key note address by Professor Goutam Lahiri, IITB, on ‘Opportunities and Advances in Chemical Sciences’.
The scientific sessions were contributed to by eminent professors and scientists from the diverse fields of organic, inorganic, physical and materials chemistry. Some inspiring talks were delivered:
  • “Redox Non-Innocent Assembly: Leading to Alternate Electronic Structures”. Professor Goutam Lahiri,  IIT Bombay
  • “Conducting Plastics: Fundamental and Applications”. Dr. M. Jayakannan, IISER-Pune
  • “Organic Synthesis: Myths and Facts”. Dr. Rodney Fernandes, IIT Bombay
  • “Tiny Twinkling Specks of Sand”.  Professor Anindya Datta, IIT Bombay
  • “Stereoselective Synthesis and Applications of Donor Acceptor Cyclopropanes (DACs)”.  Dr. Santosh Gharpure, IIT Bombay
  • “Implications of Macromers in Biology”. Dr. Jayant Khandare, Piramal Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Goregaon, Mumbai  

Professor Vidya Avasare MRSC planned and coordinated the event diligently, taking the chemistry outreach of the RSC’s West India Local Section beyond major cities. Dr. Raghunath Toche, convener of the conference from KTHM College, Nashik, expressed gratitude towards the RSC’S West India Local Section for organising the event.
You can find out more about the West India Local Section here.

Posted by Emily James on May 29, 2013 4:25 PM Europe/London

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