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Celebrating The History Of Chemical Information

RSC Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group (CICAG) and RSC Historical Group
in conjunction with the CSA Trust

Royal Society of Chemistry/Geological Society
Burlington House, London
Monday 29th November 2010

This one-day meeting was organised by Professor Bill Griffiths and Dr Chris Cooksey of the RSC Historical Group, Dr Doug Veal of RSC CICAG, and Dr Diana Leitch, who belongs to both groups, and who chaired the event, along with Dr Jonathan Goodman of the CSA Trust. Dr Peter Rhodes and Dr Doug Veal organised an exhibition of photographs, articles and chemical information artifacts. Despite the weather conditions, and a strike on the London Tube, over 100 people attended including nine bursary students funded by the RSC CICAG from Cambridge, Oxford and Sheffield. Details of the talks held can be seen after the jump...

The talks were as follows:
  • “The Contribution of the RSC”, Dr Doug Veal, CICAG
  • “The Language and Symbolism of Chemistry”, Dr William Town, President, Kilmorie Consulting
  •  “Chemical Literature”, Dr Engelbert Zass, Head, Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • “Chemical Structures”, Dr Phil McHale, Executive Director, Enterprise Information, CambridgeSoft Corporation, USA  
  • “Databases”, Dr Helen Cooke, R&D IT, GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, USA  
  • “Data: The Record of What we Think we Know, and Why”, Professor Alexander Lawson, Director of R&D, Elsevier Properties SA, Neuchâtel, Switzerland 
  • “Chemoinformatics: Historical Development of Database Methods”, Professor Peter Willett, Information School, University of Sheffield  
  • “Chemical Information: The Future”, Professor Robert Glen, Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, University of Cambridge
Slides of the talks are available online.

Dr Keith White, Chairman, RSC CICAG

Further information about the RSC CICAG group can be found on their homepage

Posted by Sophie Boldon on Dec 23, 2010 9:05 AM Europe/London

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