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Local Section Schools And Public Events 2011 - East

Welcome to the seventh instalment of the 9 week series highlighting the schools and public events that were organised by our Local Section committees during the International Year of Chemistry!  This week we take a look at some of the work the Eastern Local Sections have been doing during 2011.


In Essex the Local Section committee organised Fun with Chemistry for local schools. Around 500 Essex school children attended this fun-packed event in April looking at the various properties of solids, liquids and gases, with the usual flashes, bangs and colours in evidence.
In Mid-Anglia the Local Section committee contributed to the ever popular Cambridge science festival in March with The evolution of Flavour: from the grape to the glass – a scientific wine tasting, which involved an educational lecture and tasting by enthusiastic wine expert Luke Webster. They also organised a number of public lectures taking place at the University of Cambridge and contributed sponsorship to the Science of Fireworks event organised by the Cambridge Chemistry department in November and presented by Professor Chris Bishop.
The East Anglia Local Section committee were lucky to be able to secure both the Theatre Royal in Norwich and the services of Prof. Hal Sosabowski (aka Dr Hal) with his team, including "Fireworks Mike" and "The Doc" to put on The Bigger Bang. This event, which was supported by additional funding from EPSRC saw a total audience of 1800 attending the matinee and evening shows to watch a spectacular demonstration of chemistry on a theatrical scale.  The title certainly did not disappoint as there were bangs, flashes and reactions galore during the show.  The audience was fully involved with pantomime style participation and even a song.  As pointed out by the Local Section Secretary, Mr John Beckett, this was “the first time that Norwich has seen the Twelve Days of Christmas replaced with exploding Santas, voice changing gases and a chemiluminescent Christmas tree!”
Posted by Sarah Hobbs on Jul 12, 2012 11:52 AM Europe/London

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