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Local Section Schools And Public Events 2011 - Midlands

Welcome to the eighth instalment of the 9 week series highlighting the schools and public events that were organised by our Local Section committees during the International Year of Chemistry!  This week we take a look at some of the work the  Local Sections in the Midlands region have been doing during 2011.

The East Midlands Local Section committee supported Leicester University ChemSoc to organise a general interest chemistry lecture The Flash Bang Show, which was delivered by Dr Sarah Heath (University of Manchester). This was held at the university and was targeted at sixth form students studying A-level chemistry.  An audience of approx 180 was in attendance and consisted of A-level students, teachers, undergraduates and lecturers, providing an excellent opportunity for these groups to mix in a fun and educational setting.
Also in East Midlands, each University in the region was invited to nominate a second year undergraduate who had displayed exceptional practical ability during their first year of study and these students were invited to attend AGM where they were awarded prizes.  In 2011 the winners were:
  • Victoria Lessen (University of Leicester) 
  • Aflay Beyene  (Nottingham Trent University)
  • Rowena Howie (Nottingham University)
  • Laurent Carnol (Loughborough University)
This award is open for nominations again in 2012.
In North Staffordshire a local section bursary of £200 enabled the chemistry department at Newcastle-Under-Lyme School to present an all-day Chemical Magic show to 25 pre-PGCE students from Keele University. This event enabled the students to safely participate in a variety of common and unusual chemical experiments that they can draw upon in their future teaching career. Aspects of Health and Safety were discussed as each experiment was carried out. Students’ opinions of the day were very positive.
And in the Birmingham and West Midlands Local Section, the committee organised a Chemistry at Work event, which also benefitted from funding from the Education Division of the RSC. This was run over 2 days at the University of Birmingham and was attended by over 300 students in total.
Posted by Sarah Hobbs on Jul 19, 2012 9:06 AM Europe/London

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