These monthly newsletters aim to keep all member networks updated with news describing how to get involved, as well as information of relevant events, services and new initiatives from the RSC Networks team. If you require further information about any of the items in the newsletter, or have any comments or ideas for content please contact the Networks team.

Committee members and representatives are encouraged to disseminate this information, as appropriate, to colleagues and other members. E-alert request forms can be downloaded from the Useful Forms and Documents page. Up to date lists of members can be obtained by emailing the Networks Team.

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Archive for December, 2018

The January 2019 Networks Newsletter sees a special update about Royal Society of Chemistry activities for the International Year of the Periodic Table from Gemma Wood. Contact Gemma and the IYPT team at with any comments or questions.

2019 marks 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleev published his first periodic table of elements. To celebrate this pivotal moment in chemistry history, UNESCO has designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table. We’re excited to be leading the UK chemistry community’s contribution to the international celebrations headed by IUPAC and have a range of activities and initiatives lined up to celebrate this year.
We’re sponsoring the official IUPAC IYPT opening ceremony in January 2019 where our CEO, Dr Robert Parker will be giving one of the opening addresses. Throughout the year we’ll be hosting several flagship activities including:

  • A periodic table themed exhibition in Burlington House, curated by Dr Peter Wothers (Cambridge University)
  • A series of high profile periodic table themed public lectures to be held across the UK
  • Joint public outreach activities including lectures and demonstrations and hosted in collaboration with other professional bodies and relevant partners
  • An IUPAC global women’s breakfast event hosted by our President, Dame Carol Robinson to showcase the RSC’s commitment to supporting women in the chemical sciences
We’re also producing a range of events and activities across the organisation including:
  • Hands on activity outreach resources packs aimed at teachers for use at events and for use by members to deliver outreach to the public
  • A strand of policy work focussing on research and communication to inform public engagement and member activities on resource efficiency and scarcity of elements
  • IYPT branding of our journal publications and the publication of periodic table themed books
  • Dedicated periodic table themed content in Chemistry World including guest editorials and dedicated monthly content focussing on element discovery
These activities represent just some of the work that is happening centrally to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table. We’ll be updating you on specific events via the Networks Newsletter, Voice and Update and further information can be found online here:
We’re also asking our member groups to support the success of IYPT. Ways to get involved include:
  • Making a nomination for the IUPAC periodic table of younger chemists. This initiative will highlight the diversity of careers, creativity and dedication of the young chemists leading us into the next century by honouring one younger chemist per element. More information can be found here:
  • Applying for an IYPT grant to support groups and members to celebrate IYPT. Committees of locals sections, interest groups and international sections are invited to apply for a member networks grant (of up to £1,000) to run activities celebrating IYPT. These grants can be used to support a range of activity including schools and public engagement events or periodic table themed events for members in a particular area. Additionally, RSC members in the UK and Ireland can apply for grants (of up to £500) to run IYPT events and activities. These grants are also open to applications from Learn Chemistry Partnership schools and Chem Socs. Applications will be considered in January (deadline 14 January), April, July and October and early application is recommended as funding is limited. More information can be found online here:
  • Downloading the IYPT digital resource pack (coming soon) for support with key messages, branding, images and Power Point slides. Why not also visit the Brand Centre for IYPT branded promotional items?
Our new Public Engagement Officer, Anna Aldred, has recently joined the Member Communities team to support our IYPT activities and will be in touch in the near future with additional information. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions.
Posted by Aurora Walshe on Dec 14, 2018 5:49 PM GMT
Dear all,

Welcome to the December edition of the Networks Newsletter. This month’s Newsletter contains:
  • Upcoming Administration Deadlines
  • Upcoming Events
  • International Year of the Periodic Table – Resources for Member Networks
  • Communications from across the RSC

Upcoming Administration Deadlines

11 December    Deadline for E-alerts going out on 20th December to additional networks
12 December    Deadline for E-alerts going out on 3rd January to additional networks
13 December    Deadline for E-alerts going out on 20th December
13 December    Deadline for E-alerts going out on 3rd January
8 January          Deadline for E-alerts going out on 17th January to additional networks
10 January        Deadline for E-alerts going out on 17th January
14 January        Deadline for IYPT Grant applications
15 January        Close of nominations for 2019 RSC Prizes and Awards
31 January        Deadline for March Chemistry World inserts
8 February        Deadline for financial reports

Upcoming Events

3 December      Launch of the Chemists’ Community Fund video
5–13 Dec          Joliot-Curie Webinar Series 2018
29 January        Launch of the International Year of the Periodic Table
31 January        Retirement in Sight Workshop

International Year of the Periodic Table – Resources for Member Networks

International Year of the Periodic Table 2019 grants

We are inviting members to design and deliver events celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table. We are looking to support creative, diverse and innovative engagement opportunities for communities providing chemistry connections with audiences and science outreach activities. The following grants are currently open to support the organisation of activities taking place through the year and celebrating IYPT 2019:
  • IYPT grants for member networks of up to £1,000 are available. Please take this opportunity to discuss with your committees whether you would like to apply for this.
  • IYPT grants for members of up to £500 are available to support members, ChemSocs and Learn Chemistry Partnerships. Please do pass this on to your contacts who may be interested and consider including in your newsletters to members of your RSC network.
We run a rolling application process and the next deadline for both grants is 12 noon on Monday 14 January 2019. The standard Outreach Fund grants will still be open as usual in addition to these to support wider and/or larger activity.

For more information and to apply please go to or contact Geri Kitley via

Member outreach activities

The RSC Education team and Education Coordinators have created resources for IYPT outreach activities:
  • Play your elements right – a version of the TV game show ‘Play your cards right’ using A4 sized elements top trump cards. The cards can be borrowed by contacting local education coordinators and all instructions and background information will be available online.
  • Guess the element – a matching game where members of the public match up foods with the elements found in them. The activity uses readily available materials and all instructions and background information will be available online.
Both activities will be freely available for members to use from January 2019 and the Education Coordinators are on hand to offer support as required.
The Education team also have some activities aimed at teachers:
  • Element bingo
  • History of the periodic table
  • Atom builder activities
Contact your local Education Coordinator or for more information.

Brand Centre

We are going to be ordering promotional items branded with the ‘Celebrating International year of the periodic table’ logo and would like these to be used through 2019.

We will be updating some Product descriptions on the Brand centre with details of ‘Availability’ to identify items that will change for 2019, please keep an eye out for these. This will help you know what items will be replaced, when replacements will be available and when you can use them. We will phase some of the replacements based on stock levels.

More information about the Brand Centre – including a user guide and FAQs – can be found on our Useful Forms and Documents page.


Communications from across the RSC

Chemists’ Community Fund Video

When RSC member Genevieve Ososki became dependent on a wheelchair, she thought she would have to give up working in a chemistry lab. A grant from the RSC’s Chemists’ Community Fund allowed her to purchase a sit-to-stand wheelchair, enabling her to carry out laboratory experiments safely and continue her studies.

Today the RSC has launched a video showcasing Genevieve’s story and highlighting the support available to members. Please read the news story or watch the full video here and share these links with your community.

Looking to speak with a qualified Careers Specialist?

Our in-house specialist Careers Management team can help you take your next career step confidently whether you know where you are going or not. They are here for you to review your career and discuss your options with you. The team are available to talk to our professional members face to face at our offices in London and Cambridge, over the phone, email or video conference from 07:30 to 19:30 on various dates throughout the week.

Email so speak to one of the team.

Joliot-Curie Webinar Series 2018

Calling For all post-docs looking for an independent career in academic research – join our free interactive webinars this December and hear from our panels of experts. The webinars will help you to:
  • Find out more about academic research careers and the different ways to access them
  • How to fund your research
  • Get information and support on issues affecting your career progression in academic research
  • Ask our experts live online for hints, tips and practical guidance on a range of essential topics for aspiring academics
All webinars will include an interactive question and answer session.

Full details of the programme, panel speakers and information about how to register can be found here.

Thank you for reading the RSC Networks Newsletter blog. We welcome any feedback you have on what you would like included in this newsletter; please email any suggestions to

The Networks Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

Looking forward to working with you in 2019!

Kind regards,

The Networks Team
Fiona, Aurora & Becky

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Dec 3, 2018 12:35 PM GMT