Is science sometimes in danger of getting tunnel vision? Recently published ebook author, Ian Miller, looks at other possible theories arising from data that we think we understand. Can looking problems in a different light give scientists a different perspective?

Theory Challenge

One of the themes I have persisted with in these posts is that in chemistry, thinking about theory is either dead or in terminal decline. Prove me wrong!
In my last post, I offered a challenge to readers, specifically, can you provide answers to:
1.     Why did nature choose ribose for nucleic acids?
2.     How did homochirality arise?
So far, I have no guesses/inspired answers. Come on! Assuming someone is actually reading these posts, either they don't care or it is too difficult. Now, surely you are not going to concede that I can work out more than you can? So, is anyone going to try?
My first answer next week.
Posted by Ian Miller on Mar 1, 2015 8:38 PM Europe/London

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