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The Chemistry Vignettes: A New Resource On Learn Chemistry

It is my pleasure to update Learn Chemistry with a new collection of Higher Education (HE) Resources, The Chemistry Vignettes.
These Screencasts have been provided to the Royal Society of Chemistry to support Undergraduate Learning.

The Chemistry Vignettes Project is the result of a Physical Sciences Centre, Higher Education Academy funded departmental project collaboration between the Chemistry Schools of the University of East Anglia and The University of Southampton to examine the screencasting of first year Chemistry lectures. Vignettes are short, annotated and interactive highlights from chemistry screencasts envisaged as Open Educational Resources.
The resource collection can be found here or are searchable using the key word ‘chemistry + vignettes’ at the top of the Learn Chemistry home page.
You can also view all 69 videos from our Royal Society of Chemistry YouTube playlist or the Higher Education microsite.

The advantage of viewing the Vignettes via Learn Chemistry is that they have been grouped into 15 topics and you can watch these via YouTube embed or downloadable .MP4 file.
The resource topics (in no particular order) are as follows…
·         IR Spectroscopy Theory
·         Acids and Bases
·         Mechanisms of Esters and Amides
·         NMR Theory
·         Transition Metal Fundamentals
·         Synthetic Mechanisms Advanced
·         Electrochemistry
·         Advanced Transition Metal Chemistry
·         Mechanism Theory
·         Physical Chemistry
·         Transition Metal Chemistry
·         Bonding Theory
·         Molecular Orbital Theory
·         Chemistry of the Elements
·         Advanced Physical Chemistry
Posted by Lee Page on Jan 21, 2014 6:14 PM Europe/London

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