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May 2014 Update

House of Lords COSLP Awards 2014
Hello fellow bloggers, sorry I’ve not updated in a while, but as some of you may know, I have been ill, yet again! Suffering with a severe virus meant I was bed bound for several months, and I’ve only just started to get back on my feet, and get back to my workaholic self once more. This has meant, unfortunately, my blog has suffered, but now, I’m getting back on my feet, I can get back to writing once more.

Sadly, due to this virus, and other factors that have occurred throughout my year of study, including possible heart problems, and mobility issues, the university, my doctors and I to come to a decision to defer my year of study, until I have a full bill of health. I am under a number of consultants, in many different hospitals at the moment, and trying to combine this, as well, as my studies, work, and other chronic illness, has meant that I’ve had to stop, take time out, and focus solely on my health. As many people know, without your health you have no foundations to build upon, and with the loss of so many months of studies, I have not been able to shine as a student. I am slightly disappointed that after coming this far I suffer this set back, but unfortunately, this was my only option.

Even though I’ve had a lot of poor luck over these last few months regarding my health, I have had some good news regarding my work. Back in December, I was lucky enough to be nominated and won, Outstanding Student of the Year, for the work I undertook at Bromley College, and was invited for an award night at their Bromley Campus. During the awards night, I was then informed I had also won the Principal Award, where I was hand-picked  from the 8000 students attending the college. I was utterly shocked and delighted to win these awards, as this was the first time, in my professional career that I have ever been recognised for any kind of work I have carried out. As part of these awards, I was invited to attend a tea at the House of Lords,with members of COSLP (Committee of South London Principals), where I was nominated and received a Best Learner Award in the 20th of May.  Since then, I have recently  been nominated for 2 further awards, but due to a press embargo, I am unable to divulge any details of these awards, however, I am allowed to say,I am currently, producing promotional materials for these awards, and when the embargo is lifted during the first week  of June,I will be making another post about these awards.

I will end this post here, as I have a lot of other things happening in the pipeline, but until they are finalised, I cannot say too much about these projects. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief update and I hope now to be writing more regularly for you all.

Until then,

Posted by Amy King on May 21, 2014 11:52 PM Europe/London

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