Hi, my name is Amy, and i am a self confessed Chemistry nerd, and life long science enthustist, come and read my blog as I document my time at through college and university as I study chemistry to become a chemistry teacher. Please note, glasses are optional

October 2014 – First Year Again!

Hello Bloggers,

Excited to be back writing to you again! I am now back at university after an extremely hectic summer, and I am pleased to say that the work has not abated! As many of friends and colleagues know, I am an extreme workaholic, and I am so happy to be surrounded by both chemistry work and my educational work again! Since winning my awards in June, I have been approached by several companies and schools, asking to come in and promote, women in science, women in chemistry, as well as science and chemistry as a whole. I’ve been asked to work on some fantastic projects with some amazing teachers and scientists, including the amazing Robert Winston, who has been a personal hero of mine since childhood, and whose television programmes helped feed my science bug when I was small. I have also been extremely busy establishing links with various educational charities with my university to encourage other learners to take up science, and help those learners into places at the university to study at various levels. My main goal in life is to encourage more people in the STEM subjects, and showing them that science is not as ‘hard’ and ‘boring’ as it’s made out to be, and anyone with hard work and determination can find a place to make a difference in science, whatever level you start at.

Outside of my work, I have been extremely busy with starting my university course. I had to retake my first year after a long period of illness, but I am glad to be back on my feet and back into the swing of university life. There is so much to catch up on, with lectures and labs, but each is a familiar and enjoyable experience.
The coming few weeks have a lot of offer for both my work and education and it makes me excited to be a chemist.

Posted by Amy King on Oct 23, 2014 6:04 PM Europe/London

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