Is there really a north-south water taste divide?

Is there really a north-south water taste divide?

Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 1:46 pm

" There are many things that divide the north and the south of Britain - politics, the weather - but water is probably the oddest.

Yet water has been to known to be a contentious topic; every year a number of US localities fight over who has the tastiest tap water. These blind tasting competitions are yet to take off in the UK, but many would stick up for their tap water as the best. You'll often hear people extol the virtues of drinking water that originates from their area - whether it's the Lake District, the Pennines, Welsh Hills or Scotland's Highlands.

Northerners protest about having to drink London tap water, but then there are Londoners who swear the city's "hard" water is superior to areas with "soft".
But is there any science behind these taste preferences? "

Find out more about this fascinating article on the BBC News website by clicking on the link below,  


Re: Is there really a north-south water taste divide?

Posted by Yasmin Hussain on Jun 3, 2020 10:35 am

There isn’t a big difference in the taste of drinking water in the UK. But if it taste different, then probably because of the chlorine. For those water that comes from lakes, streams and rivers doesn’t give the same taste as hard water.

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