175 Faces of Chemistry Website Re-launch

175 Faces of Chemistry Website Re-launch

Posted by Emily James on Jun 5, 2013 11:37 am

175 Faces of Chemistry has a new websiteThrough this refreshed platform, with a bold, new look, the RSC is highlighting and celebrating the diversity of individuals who have helped to shape chemistry, and science as a whole, both past and present.

We welcome any feedback you have about the new website, if you would like to make a comment please email the 175 Faces team (or post below!).

The RSC continues to ask its members, and the wider community, to nominate people who they feel represent diversity. Nominees can have any background or discipline, as long as they have contributed to shaping the chemical sciences in some way. For more information and to nominate, please follow this link: http://www.rsc.org/175-faces/

Re: 175 Faces of Chemistry Website Re-launch

Posted by Robert Bowles on Jun 25, 2013 9:41 am

Parliamentary Links Day, which takes place today and has the theme this year of ‘Science and Diversity’. Further information about the day and other diversity in science initiatives like 175 Faces of Chemistry can be found in this blog post from the Society of Biology. 

Re: 175 Faces of Chemistry Website Re-launch

Posted by Swarna Jackson on Aug 18, 2013 3:23 pm


There was always diversity and about equality and chose well that they are another words for exploration. As a welcome asian immigrant in the earliest 1970's, my career was told to me by my teachers. They had told my parents that I would work in the labs. I was not agreeable with the decision, but in 1980's when I reached adult age that was the only job I was a natural at and my first job was a lab technician job in the council.

I went to a comprehensive school with students from a diverse commuinty from Polish to Asians to Africans etc. Most of the students were native Europeans and their life was mapped by them, parents and teachers etc. Since the immigrant population was 3% and the Native British 97%., it was well presented and to a point in my life satisfactory.

Swarna Jackson 

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