Online public lecture: Balancing world enegry needs

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Online public lecture: Balancing world enegry needs

Posted by Rachel Purser-Lowman on Jun 17, 2013 1:26 pm

Thursday 4 July 2013
The Chemistry Centre, London W1J 0BA

Balancing world energy needs and achieving a balance between the challenges of the 'energy trilemma' remains one of today's challenging tasks. 

Professor Karl Rose from the World Energy Council will provide an insight by referring to the World Energy Council's 2012 Energy Trilemma Report due to be published in October and the lecture will include an exclusive preview of the report.

To register to attend the public lecture click here.

Can't make it?

Watch the lecture live on The Reaction website on 4 July 2013, at 6.30pm, click here to go to the site.

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Re: Online public lecture: Balancing world enegry needs

Posted by Swarna Jackson on Aug 8, 2013 6:12 am

It is a crucial matter and we need to concentrate on renewable energy of the world. Solar panels, wind farms, and other sources are agreeable by the greens and don't add a hazard like other energy. If carefully monitored  and more research done on the other energy to curtail the better of greens energy sources then I have to agree that when carefully strategic and structure are clear and eliminates waste to productivity,  then there would be no dispute.

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