How to make sulfuric acid in the lab.

How to make sulfuric acid in the lab.

Posted by Diego Reyes on Jun 20, 2016 4:45 pm

Greetings fellows, I would like to make concentrated sulfuric acid 98%, in the lab, I got one method, is about to mix SO2 with H2O2, although I have tried it, and it is a low quality reaction, I hope you guys can help me with other way to do it.

Re: How to make sulfuric acid in the lab.

Posted by Yasmin Hussain on Jun 1, 2020 11:14 am

I know one way which is to start with 16g of sulfur in a 250 ml beaker. Install 5 lantern battery carbon electrodes for the anode and a copper wire for the cathode. Then add 200mL of 5M hydrobromic acid. The copper cathode is readjusted to be close to the top of the electrolyte. A 2amps current is then applied. The electrolysis is performed for 40 hours. Finally, the solution is filtered and then refluxed for 30 minutes. The solution is then distilled to first recover water, then hydrobromic acid and finally sulfuric acid.

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