Posted by daniel yitzhary on Jan 16, 2017 8:32 am

Hello everyone.
My name is Daniel, messaging you from Israel :)
My partner and I are working on a new startup.
The idea is to create a small shape, (A heart for example) out of glass, or any other material you would recommend.
Inside the shape we want to have smoke swirling around, or shooting upwards, and possibly colored led lights to add effect.
I have already posted on reddit and got some interesting ideas.
One idea was maybe silica foam and sulfur hexafluoride, which he said, might work.
Another idea, was 3D prnting using acrylic. The smoky haze, he said, could be generated by stage smoke methods using glycols,
and a small muffin fan to create the swirl.
Now, he did not know much about stage smoke, and niether do I.
I was hoping maybe someone could shed some light on what "stage smoke methods" are and how to produce it?

A different idea I was thinking about is maybe using a small fogger to generate smoke shooting upwards, like I desire.
But the smoke would have no room to esacpe. What would happen?
Moreover, the stuff you need to use to generate the smoke would have to be replaced often. Which is a major downside.
Would it be possible to create a small smoke machine that later sucks the smoke back in and recycles it?
All ideas would be much appreciated!
Thank you for reading. :)

PS. Sorry for any grammer/spelling mistakes.


Re: Patent/startup

Posted by Thomas Donaldson on Apr 18, 2017 1:29 pm

Well, Utilizing a long length of ducting (ideally metal based) you can connect one end to your smoke machine, and course the ducting outside, bending forward and backward however much as could be expected, in the snow. Put the finish of the ducting where you require, and you have a fundamental haze chiller unit because of The unstoppable force of life! Note: you require it to have snowed/be snowing for this tip to work. It's additionally best to utilize a speedy scattering liquid, as the haze isn't chilled to the temperature a regular mist chiller would, which thusly makes it rise a considerable measure sooner. But this is just my idea, I am only thesis statement generator of ideas. Test this and let me know how things are.

Re: Patent/startup

Posted by Jack Lord on Nov 30, 2019 2:39 pm

Wow your ideas sound intelligent mate!
betta fish

Re: Patent/startup

Posted by Robert Walt on Dec 5, 2019 9:50 am

the main motive of Patents is give inventors right which prohibit others person from making or using their inventions. English essay writing UK makes or uses the device without permission, the inventor can sue the person for stopping it.

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