Salcaprozate Sodium (SNAC)

Salcaprozate Sodium (SNAC)

Posted by Valerie Walters on Jul 28, 2020 3:56 am

Salcaprozate sodium (SNAC) (sodium 8-((2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino) octanoate, CAS RN 203787-91-1) is a synthetic N-acetylated amino-acid derivative of salicylic acid. It is is classified as an oral absorption promoter, and its potential therapeutic applications as a delivery agent for oral forms of heparin and insulin have been explored in a number of clinical investigations. The interaction between SNAC and heparin and with insulin was thought to be based on increased lipophilicity through hydrogen bonding and/or hydrophobic interactions, permitting dissolution of the complex in lipid bilayers. Salcaprozate sodium is the most extensively tested carrier and the only PE approved in an oral formulation designed to improve oral BA, albeit with a small molecule, cyanocobalamin/SNAC. SNAC was in a succession of clinical trials in oral formulations with poorly permeable actives since the late 1990s.

Re: Salcaprozate Sodium (SNAC)

Posted by Francesco Papaleo on Apr 6, 2021 10:27 am

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