Advice needed

Advice needed

Posted by Andy Kowalski on Dec 10, 2020 10:04 am

One of my Polish Colleagues working in H&S environment  is looking for someone to answer or supply information as shown below my enquiry revolves around the Ozone air cleaning business. I have prepared a Safe System of Work for the Client who runs this service. They use a new generation of ozone generators (platinum-iridium plates).

First question:
I have prepared a risk assessment and developed safe operating procedures (based on HSE EH38 guidance), but I’d like to have this document revised and evaluated (with written recommendations if applicable) by someone with chemical expertise please (especially important from the occupational health perspective). The document has around 20 pages, so it’s not a big thing.
Could you get me in touch with someone who will be willing to carry out such evaluation and provide a quote for such service, please?
Second question:
While ozone generators are widely used in Poland for commercial cleaning and disinfection, it looks to me that in Britain people are quite reluctant to this subject.
My client would like to discuss what are the options and costs for testing/validating certain claims on ozone benefits, such as antimicrobial or antifungal properties of ozone treatments. There is no (or at least we could not find) sufficient evidence for this subject in the UK, and they feel it is crucial to have such evidence in order to progress with this as a business.
Maybe someone from your contacts would be interested in this as a research area?

Please respond to my email address as below

Many thanks

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