Fluorescence of unknown samples

Fluorescence of unknown samples

Posted by Aem Wong on Jun 18, 2018 9:40 am

Hello. I am new to the current field of study, but I generally work with fluorescence and nanomaterials. I have generated several liquid samples with unknown fluorescent properties. The problem that I am facing now is how to determine the excitation and emission wavelength, as well as the range to detect it. Anyone willing to help me?

Re: Fluorescence of unknown samples

Posted by RAMACHANDRA BHAT on Sep 8, 2018 4:06 am

To understand the excitation wavelength, first record a spectrum (UV-Vis, full range as available).  From the spectrum, you could get the absorption maxima, to use as excitation wavelength.  You may prefer to test with the lowest wavelength (highest energy) maxima as the first try (if there are many absorption peaks).  Because, excitation energy is always higher compared to emission energy. Then, scan the emission spectrum. 

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