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By joining this group you are registering for ChemCareers 2014 and will receive updates about the event which runs from 10th – 14th  November.

This year's topics include:

  1. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including what it is like to work for a smaller company, where to find them and how to apply
  2. Transferring between industry and academia – the differences and similarities
  3. Teaching
  4. Green Careers focussing on sustainable and alternative technologies
  5. General CV, interview and recruitment


Check out the timetable when the event is live and click on the links for all the webinars you want to be part of - all you need to do is complete a very quick process and you will be sent an email with all the details for logging onto the webinar on the day.  You can register for as many webinars as you like.

Check back later in the year for more updates.

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