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    For more detailed information about RSC activities in catalysis and catalytic processes for industrial intermediates, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, environmental protection, visit the RSC Applied Catalysis subject group webpage

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    Jan 2015

    Hello Catalysis Group members:

    Firstly, Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who elected to join the RSC Applied Catalysis Group (ACG) when they renewed their RSC subscription for 2015.   Please see the ACG page on the RSC website for details of ACG events

    Please note that we are looking for an administrator to run this group.  If you would be interested then please contact me via MyRSC or contact the ACG Secretary via the Contacts section of the ACG webpage on MyRSC.

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    The MyRSC Catalysis Group is intended for anyone with an interest in what catalysts do & how they work - whether in education, academia or industry.  

    Catalysis is a broad and vital area of science which crosses boundries between chemistry, physics and biology amongst others. Reaction mechanisms, inorganic synthesis, enzymes, pharmaceuticals, rate kinetics, petrochemicals and environmental chemistry are all covered under the umbrella of catalysis.

    Please feel free to post questions, interesting articles or new stories or anything else related to catalysis in this forum...


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