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Jamie - Strategic Partnerships

45038df60f4130012933e9e608ac9381-huge-imIt’s been two months since I started in the Strategic Partnerships (SP) team and the time has absolutely flown by.

The SP team focus on developing collaborative relationships with external organisations. Since joining this department, I’ve been involved in several large projects. On my first day I was dropped in at the deep-end, being sent to a workshop about the RSC’s new Open Innovation platform which was attended by dozens of senior representatives from some of the world’s largest chemical companies.

A key part of my role involves researching potential future partners for a variety of RSC projects. One of the most enjoyable and informative aspects of working in SP is that you are involved in activities that span across all of our different departments. This has really helped me to develop a better understanding of how such a wide-ranging and multi-armed organisation operates as a whole.

So far I’ve been involved with sourcing and coordinating six-figure funding opportunities for projects with the Education team, I’ve learned a lot about the publishing side of the business, and I’ve also helped with arrangements for the exhibition at our Chemistry Means Business event, which has meant working with our Industry and Commercial teams.

Between these activities I’ve also written another couple of articles for Chemistry World, joined the work squash league, attended a conference on third sector fundraising, and in a couple of weeks’ time I’ll attend a major meeting of representatives from the Food and Drink industry!

Outside of work, we’ve recently had a few tantalising glimpses of the sun, so I’m looking forward to picnics, barbeques, beer-gardens and enjoying the atmosphere during a great summer of sport with Euro 2016 and the Olympics both on the horizon!
Jamie is a Graduate currently working in the Strategic Partnerships Team on the Royal Society of Chemistry's Graduate Scheme. To see if we are currently recruiting for the RSC Graduate Scheme click here
Posted by Jamie Durrani on May 17, 2016 4:23 PM Europe/London

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