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Publishing Editor - General and Training Teams

0e637e88a3cdcc54ff8c4997e2d077e0-huge-suMy day-to-day role is slightly different from most of the Publishing Editors at the RSC – I currently spend half of my working week as part of our Production Training Team, training other Publishing Editors how to edit manuscripts. It’s been a great opportunity to involve myself in a different aspect of the Department whilst still being able to take on all of the tasks surrounding peer review – although my time-management skills have certainly been challenged more than usual!

Coming to the RSC two years ago from London as a freshly graduated student of Biological Sciences, I was initially a little concerned that I’d be completely out of my depth in trying to work on papers that were all about Chemistry. Luckily, I soon found out that whatever your scientific background, the training you receive means you’re well equipped to deal with any papers that come your way – and I’ve started to learn some new things along the way (although still don’t ask me to explain what a quantum dot is…). Having had such good training, I was keen to get involved in training others as soon as I could – firstly as a peer review trainer, and then on the Production Training Team.
My role as part of the Training Team mostly involves assessing trainees’ editing work, and giving them feedback on how they’ve done, as well as having regular catch-ups with both my trainees and their managers to see how their progress is coming along. A big part of the Training Team is also seeing how we can improve the ways that we train people to make the training process and the Department better – something that’s been great to be involved in.

It’s often said, but only because it’s true, that the best part of working at the RSC is the people. Everyone I work with is friendly and enthusiastic, and most of my friendship group here in Cambridge is made up of people I’ve met at the RSC (including my now fiancé!). It’s a great place to work – occasionally challenging, always enjoyable and certainly never boring.
Susannah is working as a Publishing Editor in the General and Training teams, in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Publishing Department. To see if there are any current vacancies in Publishing click here.
Posted by Sarah Farley on Nov 27, 2015 3:06 PM Europe/London

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