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Publishing Editor – General and Analytical Team


I have always enjoyed reading scientific literature and writing, and decided that a career in scientific publishing would allow me to continue this after my PhD at the University of York. The Royal Society of Chemistry attracted me due to its welcoming and inclusive reputation.

I work on Chemical Communications, RSC Advances and a range of analytical journals. As my background is in bioinorganic chemistry, I particularly enjoy working on Metallomics. However, working on Chemical Communications means that I see a wide range of topics, and this is great for broadening my knowledge of current hot research topics. As part of my role I get to commission cover artwork which is a rewarding task as I think this is a great opportunity for our authors to celebrate their work. It is great to see finished artwork used to promote cutting edge scientific research.

I am currently training as a user group member for our production workflow system. This means that I will be able to help out with a range of technical problems that might be encountered by my colleagues, and it is a great opportunity to develop my problem solving skills!

This year I was involved in organising a staff celebration day for the International Year of the Periodic Table. I organised a ‘Guess the Element’ game, a world map of element discoveries, and a periodic table made out of cake!

We also managed to create a human periodic table. It was a great experience for meeting colleagues across the organisation. It is easy to find like-minded people at the Royal Society of Chemistry with the range of clubs that we have. I set-up and run the Baking Club at the Cambridge Office. We meet up once a month at lunchtime and swap baked goods, this month we are all baking pies. All abilities are welcome, and it is a lovely group to be part of.


Ellis Wilde is a Publishing Editor working in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Publishing Department. To see if there are any current vacancies go to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' Blog or subscribe to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' by Email

Posted by Harriet Brewerton on Nov 27, 2019 3:45 PM Europe/London

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