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Take Care of These Things First When You Move Homes

Moving homes is exciting but it can also be exhausting. There is a myriad of tasks to take care of to make sure your new living space is in tip-top condition. 

Repairs take time, as do all the other small nitty-gritty elements that you know you should take care of to make your home safe and secure. Here are some of the more important tasks to attend to when moving into a new home.

Lock changes and security systems

Changes outside door locks is absolutely essential. You have no idea whose keys were lent to by the previous owner. Copies could have been made for external doors and gates, posing a security threat to you and your family. 

When taking care of lock replacements, also attend to the installation of or activation of the existing security system. You’ll want your new move to be a positive one, so take care of the issues that are designed to keep you safe.

Switch on the utilities

When you switch on the utilities, you will quickly be able to see what’s working in the home, and what items need repairs. Look at whether taps and toilets are working, and test your geyser. Switch on lights and plugs throughout your home. 

Check your air conditioning units to see whether these are operating properly. If not, call AC repair to get that up and running as quickly as possible. 

Connect your stove, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine and dryer, along with any other large home appliances. Utility connection will quickly reveal what needs attention in the home. It will be quite difficult to check for roof repairs until it starts raining, but that is a big job best left for after you’ve settled into your new home.

Internet and phone connection

Your estate agent may already have provided you with important local numbers of suppliers to ease your transition to the new home. If not, you’ll want to ensure that you get connected to the world around you by taking care of phone and internet connections. 

These tasks shouldn’t take more than two calls to sort out, but put it on your ‘bucket list’ for things to do when moving. Convenience and comfort are key in the days after your early move to aid stress reduction, but take it easy as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You have to eat

Life will possibly be quite organized, but once your refrigerator is plugged in, you can do grocery shopping at the local supermarket to purchase a few basics. Get enough food and beverages to sustain you for the next 24 hours, until your world is better organized. Once you have the foundations under control, then you can plan for a large-scale grocery trip.

Sort out bedrooms

Unpack all the boxes related to sleeping arrangements. Place beds and bedding in their chosen bedrooms and make up beds soon after arriving at your new home. You’ve probably already had a stressful time leading up to the move, so you’ll want to organize your sleeping arrangements early on because the day of the move can be long and tiring. 

The last thing you want is to still make up your bed at the end of the day. Also organize towels and bathroom items for a quick shower or bath before falling into bed on the first day of your move.

Moving home is quite a stressful experience. Make life easier by planning ahead and getting organized ahead of your move. A professional estate agent can be relied on to do some of the work for you or to at least provide useful contact numbers. The rest of the responsibilities are up to you. Go easy on yourself.

Posted by Emily Dawson on Jun 3, 2020 3:48 AM Europe/London

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