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Positive Parenting Techniques When Caring for An ADHD Child

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a controversial psychological disorder. It is normal for children to have inappropriate behavior, but when their behavior starts causing problems, they could easily have ADHD. 

These are children that never sit still and cannot focus for long. They have poor concentration, short attention span and so extremely active that anyone taking care of such a child will feel drained. There are some things you can do to make caring for such a child easier. 

Less sugar 

One place to start with bringing about improvement is to remove some of the very sugary treats your child consumes. You will need to experiment a bit with your child’s diet to find out what works best. Bad fats and oils in chips and fried foods can all cause behavioral problems.  

It may be difficult but you need to look at cutting out fructose. World bodies consider fructose, such as high-fructose corn syrup, to be a major cause of ADHD. The body is unable to metabolize the sugar, and the concentration of sugar in the blood rises.  

ADHD is partly a sugar problem. Affected children have marked blood sugar swings, with hypoglycemia being a major factor contributing to behavioral problems. 

The stress of caregiving 

The ups- and down behavior of ADHD children can take its toll on parents and caregivers. With caregivers, it requires some kind of superhuman energy and patience to remain caring. No wonder so many parents resort to Spy Phone app.  

The Spy Phone app collects data made on the target device, transmitting it onto your control panel so that you can see what’s happening with your child. It’s able to monitor the activities of as many as five different phones from the same account. 

It can be hard for parents to know whether they can trust somebody from a recommendation, but spy phone is a parental control app, allowing you to stay updated on your kid’s activities. The app is free of charge and has many features to ensure your child is not being bullied or abused in any way by the caregiver.  

You can track someone in stealth mode without them knowing but you need to have actual access of the tracked Android device initially. Always check out the legalities of spy phone usage in your state. 

Discipline and structure 

The word ‘discipline’ has become unpopular in the 21st century but it is so important for kids with ADHD. Consistency with discipline is key. These kids need to know that they cannot just break the rules and behave as they like. The ADHD child needs consistency and structure. Their mealtimes, chores and bedtime need to be the same to create stability. 

Rules for these children need to be both understandable and achievable. Give instructions simply and one instruction at a time. Enforce the rules you give and suspend privileges for a day and not for an entire week for disobedience. It is important to make such a child actually suffer consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior without yielding to extreme or harsh punishment.  

Dietary Deficiencies 

ADHD behavior can be helped along with nutrient supplements, along with an excellent diet. Magnesium, selenium, vitamin B and essential fatty acids are particularly needed in these children. Children these days are not consuming these in their natural form and the child is deficient. Especially important are these anti-inflammatory omega 3 fish oils.  

Studies on ADHD suggest that children with ADHD can certainly benefit from supplementation with purified fish oils. Kids who consumed between 8 and 16 grams per day of EPA and DHA showed significant improvements in their behavior.  

Studies have shown that a good diet and supplementation positively influence children with attention, concentration and behavior issues. Associated problems with ADHD such as digestive problems, sleeping problems are often due to food sensitivities or allergies as well as nutrient deficiencies.

Posted by Emily Dawson on Aug 5, 2020 5:46 AM Europe/London

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