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How Your Business Can Make A Good Impression with Customers

Customers are used to purposeful dealings from the businesses they buy from, so when they come across more personalized dealings, they're converted into fans. For any business, offering amazing customer services is important if you want to retain customers.  

In the past, people chose which companies they did business with based solely on price, but these days they want an overall good experience, and to this end, we look at some customer service essentials.  


It matters little how good a product is if the customer service is poor. If customers want to know about the product, and they can't seem to get any information, you'll lose customers.  

Consumers see competency as an element that plays a huge role in a pleasant customer experience. To be competent, they require an appointed professional who has plenty of knowledge of the company and its products. 

Virtual phone line  

Every business simply has to have a reliable telephone communication system, and a virtual phone number is a simple, affordable solution to making contact with customers wherever they are. A virtual phone number isn't tied to a specific phone device, giving a business greater flexibility in how it receives calls.

With the power to utilize any number from any location, a business is able to remove the problems usually associated with long-distance phone calls. Talkroute offers benefits like this for your business. Virtual numbers allow your business to establish a local presence without actually having one.

Customers like dealing with a local service provider, and using virtual numbers allow your business to establish a local presence. The use of a local virtual number gives you the ability to add a personalized feel to customer contact. 

Listen before you leap

You can't learn anything when you're babbling away. When you attend a meeting with a customer, don't immediately start freely expressing your opinion on your products and services. Stop for a second and absorb what's going on and what the mood of the customer is. 

Are they down, happy, expectant? Are they keen to learn something from you or do they radiate resistance? Customer services are about sensing what is happening with your customers and being better able to reach them. 

The best way to find out if you are satisfying customers is to simply find out. Some of the more formal efforts to do this could be conducting a survey or creating a questionnaire. Ask them directly how they feel about the services you provide. 

Adequate training

A company's greatest asset is its customers, and excellent customer services is about having trained staff who can assist customers. Customers detest being passed from one employee to the next because these employees aren't trained and empowered to assist them.

If an employee has a good experience with a difficult or bad situation, they will be more than willing to stay with your business. The idea is for all staff to always provide exceptional services and also resolve any issues with a disgruntled customer. 

Focused energy

If a business sends a sales representative to meet a customer, they need to think of the goal of the meeting. There is a magnetic intensity that a sales rep displays when he or she believes in something and is enthusiastic about it.  

When people with energy speak, they are involved with their audience and their message and they speak with conviction. Customers expect you to be animated around them, as though their input counts.  

Take stock of your energy, pitch, and tone of voice, animation, gestures, and expressiveness of eyes so that you can hold the interest of customers and not make them believe you're bored by them. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Oct 13, 2020 8:20 PM Europe/London

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