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Why Seniors Should Use Online Pharmacies

With a growing aging population, demand for prescription drugs in America is at an all-time high. Older people are more vulnerable to a variety of illnesses and conditions that require them to take medication. Many are now using online pharmacies to have their medicine delivered to their doorstep. 

Online pharmacies are developing innovative ways to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive market. This includes specialized packaging of patients’ drugs and offering excellent customer service. 

Here are some benefits for seniors who utilize online pharmacies:

Cost savings

Many online pharmacies advertise prices cheaper than retail standards and have a price-match guarantee, meaning seniors will get their medications as cheaply as possible. While some offer standard shipping for free, an expedited delivery has an additional fee attached to it. 

A few online pharmacies insist on a small subscription fee and then provide free deliveries. Overall, subscription fees are low and cost less than traveling to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy every time you need medication.

While these savings might be helpful, seniors on Medicare must still pay for their prescriptions, even if they have Medicare Supplement Plans as these do not cover Part D, which allocates funds to medication. Russell Noga, the owner of MediSupps, encourages seniors to investigate the costs of such plans. The premiums are low and save seniors hundreds of dollars each year.

Bulk orders

Local pharmacies tend to fill prescriptions one month at a time, whereas online pharmacies can deliver a 90-day supply of medication. This can reduce any copayments required. 

It also means paying for shipping once instead of three times if the online pharmacy charges for deliveries. Seniors feel safer having an extra supply of medication available to them should an emergency occur, preventing them from getting to a pharmacy. 

Online pharmacies also benefit from this practice. It reduces their shipping and logistics costs. Additionally, they get discounts from pharmaceutical manufacturers when they make bulk purchases. They might pass some of these savings onto customers, too.


Many seniors who have lost much of their mobility prefer staying at home or being in places where they feel safe. Venturing out to a pharmacy can be a mammoth task, especially if they no longer drive or live far away from the nearest branch. 

They might have to ask a friend or family member to take them to the pharmacy or go and collect their order on their behalf. Seniors feel that this is imposing an unnecessary burden on someone else while fighting to retain their independence. Online pharmacies solve this problem.

Caregivers also find online pharmacy services convenient as they do not have to leave their patients alone while they source their medication. This makes the caregiving role less stressful.

Additional services

Some pharmacies manage medication packaging in unique ways. For example, multi-dose dispensing (MMD) presents all the patient’s daily medication in one convenient packet. 

This makes it easier for seniors to remember to take their medicine without becoming confused about which ones need to be taken when. Each package lists the dosage and what time it should be taken. Some online pharmacies have gone the extra mile and send text reminders to seniors when they are due to take medication. 

Online pharmacies give users direct access to pharmacists during office hours, although some offer the service 24/7. Seniors or caregivers with questions or concerns about dosages and how to administer them can contact a pharmacist for prompt, accurate advice. 

Additionally, online pharmacies are not limited to providing prescription drugs. Users can also order over-the-counter (OTC) medications and vitamin supplements online. This makes online pharmacies a one-stop-shop for all a senior’s medication needs.

Posted by Emily Dawson on Oct 29, 2020 9:00 PM Europe/London

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