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Reasons Counselling Before Marriage is Necessary

Every couple can benefit from pre-marital counselling and those who get married without it may find they’re unprepared for some of the issues they encounter. Pre-marital counselling can ensure couples have a solid foundation on which to build their married life. Facing certain issues head-on before the marriage takes place can reassure couples that they are ready for the next step in their relationship. 

Counsellors know what questions to ask

Counsellors know what questions to ask when working with engaged couples. They may bring out important information that couples did not even think were necessary to discuss. One question they may ask is how a partner visualizes the marriage in 10 or 15 years. Couples often benefit from listening carefully to a partner’s responses to the questions asked. 

Addressing certain issues like money, sex, and having children is essential before getting married. Interactive Counselling has professional counsellors who offer marriage counselling Grand Prairie and will ask all the right questions so they can help couples understand what they hope to get out of the marriage and give them common goals to work towards that they both believe in. 

It builds communication skills

Couples that know how to work through their difficulties and communicate openly are at an advantage. Having a third party to help them build these skills and communicate their individual needs and desires can get them through the tough times they will inevitably face in their marriage relationship. 

Unhealthy marriages often result from a lack of communication. Successfully being able to talk through potential problems instead of arguing about them or ignoring them is an important key to a healthy marriage. Openly expressing feelings and listening to one another can help a relationship to develop that can stand the test of time. 

It can help with financial planning

Couples may go into a marriage without really discussing their future financial plans because they are so busy with their wedding preparations and the excitement of their relationship. They may even be in debt due to financing a wedding they couldn’t really afford. 

Pre-marital counsellors can help them with financial issues like budgeting. They can find out about any loans or outstanding debt partners may have and tackle issues like whether they will have joint bank accounts or not. 

Hidden issues may come out

Hurtful past experiences in relationships, attitudes towards sex and false expectations about marriage may come out in the course of pre-marital counselling. These issues need to be discussed to start the marriage relationship off on a healthy basis. 

It may be surprising to one partner when the other confides about past abuse in relationships or what they expect of the marriage relationship, especially when they thought they knew everything about the person. The more couples know about each other, the more chances they have of a successful marriage. When certain issues only come out once they are married, this can cause real problems. 

It is easy to recreate the dynamics of past relationships and talking about them allows couples to make more conscious choices and relate in healthier ways. 

Develop conflict resolution skills

Couples bring their own history, values and opinions into a relationship and this can inevitably create conflict with a partner when they think differently. A counsellor may ask a couple how they plan to handle conflicts and help them to develop conflict resolution skills. 

For example, it helps if a couple is on the same page when emergencies happen, such as financial troubles or sickness. Discussing parenting styles, decision-making, and gender roles can pre-empt issues from escalating down the road. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Dec 21, 2021 4:24 PM Europe/London

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