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Every couple can benefit from pre-marital counselling and those who get married without it may find they’re unprepared for some of the issues they encounter. Pre-marital counselling can ensure couples have a solid foundation on which to build their married life. Facing certain issues head-on before the marriage takes place can reassure couples that they are ready for the next step in their relationship. 

Counsellors know what questions to ask

Counsellors know what questions to ask when working with engaged couples. They may bring out important information that couples did not even think were necessary to discuss. One question they may ask is how a partner visualizes the marriage in 10 or 15 years. Couples often benefit from listening carefully to a partner’s responses to the questions asked. 

Addressing certain issues like money, sex, and having children is essential before getting married. Interactive Counselling has professional counsellors who offer marriage counselling Grand Prairie and will ask all the right questions so they can help couples understand what they hope to get out of the marriage and give them common goals to work towards that they both believe in. 

It builds communication skills

Couples that know how to work through their difficulties and communicate openly are at an advantage. Having a third party to help them build these skills and communicate their individual needs and desires can get them through the tough times they will inevitably face in their marriage relationship. 

Unhealthy marriages often result from a lack of communication. Successfully being able to talk through potential problems instead of arguing about them or ignoring them is an important key to a healthy marriage. Openly expressing feelings and listening to one another can help a relationship to develop that can stand the test of time. 

It can help with financial planning

Couples may go into a marriage without really discussing their future financial plans because they are so busy with their wedding preparations and the excitement of their relationship. They may even be in debt due to financing a wedding they couldn’t really afford. 

Pre-marital counsellors can help them with financial issues like budgeting. They can find out about any loans or outstanding debt partners may have and tackle issues like whether they will have joint bank accounts or not. 

Hidden issues may come out

Hurtful past experiences in relationships, attitudes towards sex and false expectations about marriage may come out in the course of pre-marital counselling. These issues need to be discussed to start the marriage relationship off on a healthy basis. 

It may be surprising to one partner when the other confides about past abuse in relationships or what they expect of the marriage relationship, especially when they thought they knew everything about the person. The more couples know about each other, the more chances they have of a successful marriage. When certain issues only come out once they are married, this can cause real problems. 

It is easy to recreate the dynamics of past relationships and talking about them allows couples to make more conscious choices and relate in healthier ways. 

Develop conflict resolution skills

Couples bring their own history, values and opinions into a relationship and this can inevitably create conflict with a partner when they think differently. A counsellor may ask a couple how they plan to handle conflicts and help them to develop conflict resolution skills. 

For example, it helps if a couple is on the same page when emergencies happen, such as financial troubles or sickness. Discussing parenting styles, decision-making, and gender roles can pre-empt issues from escalating down the road. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Dec 21, 2021 4:24 PM GMT

Streaming services have taken the world by storm and there are a couple of giants of the industry that have produced blockbuster shows for us to binge on. 

Discovery plus is unlike the other streaming subscription services in that they focus on shows that have made the discovery channel so popular. Instead of having a channel to get your fix of natural phenomena, you can binge on everything that nature has to offer and more. Here are the best shows on Discovery plus. 

Planet earth series

When someone mentions the Discovery Channel, their immediate thoughts would likely be some or another show about nature narrated by David Attenborough. In this case, they would be 100% correct. 

The series is visually astounding and makes a great case for the vulnerability and the majesty of the natural world. Attenborough is his best during the narration of the shows and his experience in the field shines like a diamond in the darkness.

Of course, no one likes getting an error before or during streaming their favorite shows. Errorwise knows what you are going through and they have amazing advice for resolving any error you may encounter before you see another epic lion vs. gazelle chase. 


By now, you should have come across the infamous duo of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. There could not be a better job on the planet. Mythbusters had been around for several years and the show was nothing short of superb. 

The lengths that these two will go to to prove or disprove a myth are spectacular. Everything is calculated and scientific and their findings are never mythical. Similar shows are doing the rounds, but none of them have ever come close to achieving the kind of cult following that Hyneman and Savage were about to produce. 

Ghost adventures

If you are a fan of the paranormal and want to binge on some X-files caliber unexplained phenomena, Ghost adventures are the show that will keep you glued to your screen. Zak Bagans and his team are constantly on the lookout for haunted places around the globe. 

A lot of the material they have produced is outright scary and then some episodes border on the mundane. Nevertheless, the team always manages to find something of a paranormal nature and tries to determine whether it is a hoax or the real deal. After watching the show, you might even consider taking up religion. 

90 Day Fiancé 

A more recent entry into the best shows to watch on Discovery Plus is the unscripted reality show 90 Day Fiancé. The show follows couples who intend to get married to obtain their US citizenship. 

According to the K-1 regulations, the couple has to get married within 90 days for the foreign bride to get citizenship. What ensues is a show that is packed with drama, doubt, and a whole lot of romance. There have been spin-offs that have tried to recreate the show, but it dominates in all areas and is still the show about marriage and green cards that you want to see first.

Fixer Upper

When it comes to home renovation shows, Chip and Joanna Gaines lead the best ones. The Waco natives have crept into the hearts of millions of Americans with their sharp banter and seemingly endless pool of creative ideas to spruce up a house. Although they are in the process of launching their own Magnolia network, their full catalog of shows is available on Discovery Plus. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Nov 18, 2021 4:54 AM GMT

People have been using cosmetics since ancient times to enhance their appearance and take care of their bodies. The ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Romans were all familiar with makeup and beauty items and they used them either to protect their skin or to accentuate their features. Fast forward a few thousand years and cosmetics are more popular than ever.

Things changed a lot in the beauty industry over the years. Besides having a much wider variety of cosmetics products available than the ancient Egyptians ever had, probably the most notable transformation is that we’ve eliminated dangerous or potentially deadly substances from the list of ingredients used in these products. And just like that, the cosmetic industry turned into one of the most profitable industries on the planet, with a revenue estimated at billions of dollars each year. 

Creams, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, makeup items are just some of the cosmetic products most of us use on a daily basis. Since we have so many options to choose from, we stock our bathroom cabinets and vanity tables with all sorts of makeup and personal care items that are meant to make us look and feel better.  

People simply love their beauty products, but very few are also interested in what they actually contain. It’s strange to think that so many of us don’t know what we’re putting on our skin. So, we believe it’s time to go behind the scenes and delve into cosmetic chemistry in order to shed some light on this topic.

Makeup artists, take note!

The life of a makeup artist is anything but easy as they have to perfect their makeup skills, staying up to date with the latest makeup techniques and products in the industry, working under pressure or in difficult work settings, etc. 

However, as a makeup artist, great makeup skills are not enough to achieve success in the field. Having a thorough understanding of the products you use on your clients and what they contain is just as important. This can help you choose and mix products properly in order to get the best results. It can also keep unpleasant events at bay – the last thing you want is to deal with product contamination or skin damages caused by the products you used. 

Of course, a good makeup artist insurance can protect you and your business in these situations, but it’s much better to learn how to avoid these issues in the first place. And that’s why a basic knowledge of cosmetic chemistry can come in handy and help you become a much better makeup artist. 

Common ingredients used in cosmetics 

Now, onto the good part, where we finally decipher the mystery and find out what most cosmetic products contain. While there are thousands of cosmetic items on the market at the moment, each of them with their unique blend of chemicals, many of which have long and hard-to-pronounce names, most products have a series of ingredients in common. So, we’re going to focus on listing these ingredients and explaining what their purpose is. 


Water is probably the most common ingredient found in cosmetic products, and that’s why we placed it at the top of our list. Water is used as the basis for many cosmetic products, from creams and cleansers to shampoos and deodorants, so you’ll see it listed as the main ingredient on many product labels. It’s often used as the main solvent to dissolve many of the other ingredients in the product. 


Emulsifiers refer to a category of ingredients that are used to keep other ingredients from separating when formulating a product. Many cosmetic products contain ingredients that don’t mix with each other – like water and oil. That’s where emulsifiers such as Laureth-4, polysorbates, and potassium cetyl sulfate come into play to keep ingredients together and create a homogenous and even consistency. 


Preservatives represent a very important class of ingredients that many people are already familiar with. Their purpose is to extend the shelf-life of cosmetic products as they have anti-microbial properties that prevent the products from going bad. Without preservatives, the shelf-life of many popular cosmetic products would be a lot shorter and we’d have to replace them much more often. 


Just as the name implies, thickeners are ingredients that have to do with consistency. When formulating a product, the combination of ingredients used doesn’t always result in a pleasant or elegant consistency. That’s why thickeners are used – to correct these issues by enhancing the consistency, volume, and viscosity of cosmetic products. Xanthan gum, gelatin, cetyl alcohol, or silica are common thickeners used in the cosmetic industry. 


Emollients are ingredients that have a softening effect on the skin, so you’ll find them in a lot of creams, lotions, and balms. They work by creating a protective film on the skin that traps moisture inside, thus reducing water loss. This makes emollients ideal for restoring and protecting the skin barrier function. Oils, waxes, and silicones all fall into this category. 


Have you ever wondered how makeup companies come up with those beautiful shades for their eye palettes, lipsticks, or blushes? Coloring agents and pigments are used to achieve that, and they include a wide variety of powder-based chemicals such as iron oxide, mica flakes, manganese, beet powder, and so on. 


Shiny and glittering makeup products are definitely an eye-catcher, but their chemical composition is pretty basic. There are different substances that can produce this shimmering effect in cosmetic products, the most common ones being mica and bismuth oxychloride. 


Fragrance in cosmetics usually has the role of making the product more appealing to the consumer. Companies use both naturally occurring substances as well as chemical ingredients to give their products a pleasant smell. There are many chemicals that can hide under the name fragrance since most fragrances are created by using a variety of different ingredients. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Sep 26, 2021 5:44 PM BST

Plunger pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications where high pressure is required. Wherever liquid media, such as water, oils or liquid gases, has to be pumped at high pressure, they provide suitable solutions.

The pumps can vary in flow rates from less than a gallon a minute for misting applications to hundreds of gallons a minute for industrial cleaning. The plunger pump is different from a piston pump as it includes a stationary high-pressure seal and a plunger that slides through it. Here are five small businesses that can benefit from using plunger pumps.

1. Commercial roof washers

The compounds used in soft wash solutions are harsh enough to damage electric pumps, which means they need replacing frequently. Reaching high vertical surfaces with enough coverage means many pumps don’t have enough power and flow. Gas-powered engines can work, but they may create too much noise in residential and commercial settings. 

PumpTec offers businesses the highest quality and efficiency plunger pump available in the marketplace and designs custom solutions for businesses like commercial roof washers. Its plunger pumps won’t be damaged by the chemicals in soft wash solutions, are compact in size, durable, and operate quietly.

2. Hospital disinfectant services

Disinfectant cleaning companies often provide hospitals with their cleaning services and use hospital-grade chemicals. The pumps they use have to be chemically resistant. They also need to operate quietly, efficiently and deliver fast turnaround time. 

A plunger pump can deliver a consistent ultra-fine mist of chemicals and meet all the operating requirements of a disinfectant business. By using a plunger pump, it won’t use excess product and the pump won’t deteriorate quickly because it is designed for chemical product use. A plunger pump delivers the longevity and performance that saves money for such a company over the long term.

3. Pest control services

Most pest control liquids contain chemicals that are not conducive to typical pumps. Another challenge is that some chemicals require medium to high pressure and low volume during application, while others require high volume and low nozzle pressure.

Consistent nozzle pressure and excess flow are a problem when using centrifugal and diaphragm pumps. Providing the right pressure and flow is a challenge but using a customized plunger pump solution can be the answer. This can lower operating costs and increase the precision of applications.

4. Portable watermakers

The customers of portable watermakers are those who live off the grid and travel around. They need to convert water they find into fresh, potable water. One of the most effective methods for doing this is reverse osmosis which is highly effective in treating brackish, surface, and groundwater. Those who want to turn seawater into freshwater have a challenge because seawater is corrosive. 

Portable water makers have to consider factors like compact height and weight restrictions and still generate enough capacity for users. Custom-designed plunger pumps can offer durable reverse osmosis systems suitable for just about any off-the-grid application. 

5. Professional carpet cleaners

On professional carpet cleaning machines, the pump pressure is rated in psi (pounds per square inch). This refers to the pressure at which the cleaning solution is sprayed into the carpet. For professional cleaning results, high pressure is required. Professional carpet cleaners also need to use pumps that are lightweight, easy to operate, and capable of achieving professional results. 

Using a plunger pump means that water pressure does more of the work and fewer passes are needed to clean a carpet. The pump is not affected by the chemicals used and is very reliable and durable. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Sep 14, 2021 3:23 AM BST

When the pandemic hit in 2020, no one could have foreseen the changes it would bring to the workplace, socializing and life in general. It brought with it a new normal and where some people have adjusted, others are struggling to adapt to the new way of doing things. Businesses have been hit the hardest, especially when it comes to health and safety rules. Here is a quick look at the new norms and standards. 

Getting to know the new standards

Employers and employees have an equal stake in the health and safety of the office. However, employers need to initiate the new protocols and ensure that the regulations are implemented and adhered to. To better acquaint themselves with the new rules, they need to find an EHS software package that can assist in developing a new health and safety protocol. 

Regardless of the industry, ETQ has several solutions to ensure that you are compliant with the latest regulations. It all starts with a job safety analysis to determine where the weak spots at the office are. From there, custom solutions can be developed and deployed to ensure the safety of everyone at the office. 

Keeping clean

The pandemic put a new emphasis on cleanliness, especially in business. Health and safety rules now state that there should be visible disinfectant stations throughout the business area. 

All bathrooms need to be fitted with disinfectant spray and every entry and exit point should also have a space where people can sanitize. This is a basic measure that every business now has to budget for to ensure that their staff is always able to sanitize. 

After a day’s work, the entire office or workspace needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Lastly, no one in the office should be able to say that they did not know. Therefore, clear messages, policies, and practical guides should be posted for everyone to boost awareness. 

Having a plan B

After businesses started to open their doors again, everybody quickly realized that how the business operated had changed forever. In the past, it was a given that everyone needed to clock in, in the morning and leave at the end of the day. Now, businesses have to allow staff to work remotely. 

Not only do they need to allow their staff to work remotely, but they have to insist thereon when a staff member shows any symptoms. This means that companies need to be geared to accommodate remote work, whether it is by choice or not. 

Setting new social distance rules

Office space has changed dramatically because of the social distance that workers need to keep from one another. As per the new rules and regulations, a distance of more than one meter should be maintained at all times. 

Co-workers can no longer work with their desks facing each other. Cubicles are out of the question and communal areas may not exist anymore. As far as is possible in a closed business space, staff should keep to their equipment and stationery to minimize the risk of spreading disease. 


A staff member can no longer merely state that he or she was under the weather and could not come into the office. Temperature monitoring and daily symptom questionnaires are but some of how employers need to keep track of the well-being of their staff. 

When someone shows any sign or symptom, then it has to be reported and investigated. This might feel like an invasion of one’s privacy, but for the sake of everyone should be done nonetheless.   

Posted by Emily Dawson on Aug 19, 2021 5:11 PM BST

Costa Rica is a stable country with a tropical climate and a thriving economy. The government makes an effort to encourage foreign investment. Americans wanting a second home in a country with beautiful scenery and amazing beaches are attracted like magnets to Costa Rica. 

The country has one of the lowest crime rates compared to other countries in Central America, the people are welcoming and the cost of living is reasonable.  

Americans can purchase and own property

Citizenship and residence in Costa Rica are not required for property ownership. The Costa Rican constitution guarantees Americans and other foreigners the same ownership rights as Costa Ricans. Americans can buy a property with a tourist status visa. Few physical restrictions apply, besides a 50-meter limit from the beach on oceanfront property. Doing due diligence and working with reputable real estate agents is important. 

Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica offers the widest and highest caliber selection of Costa Rica Real Estate in Guanacaste, from condos and traditional single-family homes to sprawling beachfront villas and homes in gated communities. They deliver a best-in-class experience with their bilingual and local expertise.   

The perfect location

Costa Rica borders the Caribbean in the east and the North Pacific Ocean in the west. It covers about 800 miles of coastline and includes several islands. From the golden sands of Guanacaste to the rainforests in the south, the tiny country offers plenty of adventure, stunning beaches and caters to every kind of lifestyle. 

There are many national parks, protected zones, wetland areas and forest reserves. It has pristine beaches and the weather is sunny and warm almost every day, despite a windy December and a rainy season.     

A valuable investment

With tourists and expats buoying the real estate market, properties have been steadily increasing in value for a couple of decades and this is likely to continue thanks to its endless natural attraction and its friendliness to foreigners. There are definite benefits from investing in an established market with good solid gains.   

 An investment property in Costa Rica can also provide an opportunity for rental income and a good real estate company can help investors to organize this. There is always a demand for rentals as the natural beauty of Costa Rica is an irresistible draw. Buying a condominium may be preferable for absent owners because they have good security and usually have additional amenities that are an advantage if the plan is to rent it out. 

Low taxes

The property taxes in Costa Rica are low – a quarter to 1% annually. The tax can be paid on a quarterly basis or in one payment for the year that gives a small tax break. 

A good incentive for American investors is that Costa Rica has no capital gains tax. The Costa Rican government does not tax sellers on profit from a sale as long as it isn’t undertaken as a means of business. Americans do still have to pay taxes on any declared earnings they bring back to America. 


There are direct flights from many major U.S. cities to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and it is possible to find cheap ones. This makes it easy for Americans to fly back and forth. The locals in Costa Rica generally speak English and have a high literacy rate so there are few language barrier issues. 

Experts predict that Americans from North America are likely to make up about a fourth of Costa Rica’s total population in the future. Their dollars go much further in Costa Rica, where they can enjoy entertainment, dining and accommodation for less. 

Posted by Emily Dawson on Aug 17, 2021 3:42 PM BST

With the advent of social media came a whole new era of marketing. What was originally meant to be a social sharing network turned into an advertising mecca. 

The creators of the social media platform saw the potential in advertising and the paid ads were born. These ads are designed to up your revenue, but what happens when the ads do not deliver and increase your sales?

Not having the right account

You could be creating the best copy for your brand and have some of the best-looking abs out there. If your account is not set to be a business account, then you will not be able to place any adverts or promote products or services. 

When this does not solve your problem, then your ads might not be formatted correctly, you might also not be set up as a page admin. Either way, the technical stuff matters, and these are the things that often ruin a good marketing strategy. 

Do yourself a favor and ensure that you have ticked all the boxes. Take some time to get the technical side of things sorted before starting to blame Instagram for dodgy algorithms. 

Get the people on your side

A sure way to increase your sales from the adverts that you place is to get the people to like you. When you are all about the money and never want to show some charity, then people will ignore you. Play around with promotional or free products to get things going. 

To get the work out a bit faster, you could buy Instagram followers so that they can share the ads with their friends. At, you can buy anything from 200 to 5000 real Instagram followers who will act as your promoters for a small fee. Once they get going, your campaign is sure to yield some results. 

Play with frequency

Many beginners who start their marketing campaigns on Instagram fall into the trap of bombardment. Their adverts come across as spam and people delete or ignore the posts before reading a single word. Other people fall over to the other side of the horse and post their adverts sporadically or not frequently enough. 

Somewhere between posting too little and harassing your followers with adverts, there lies a sweet spot. It takes time to find this spot, but once you have the frequency pegged, then you will start to see the desired effects of your posts. 

This is not a sprint

Contrary to what many people believe, an Instagram marketing campaign is not a sprint. People get consumed with the success of major companies and hardly ever do some research to find out that they also had small beginnings. 

Granted, things do move a bit faster nowadays, but you still need to give your campaign some time to have an effect. Being impatient and expecting unrealistic results will only discourage you. Rather, take your time and slowly filter your content through and you will see a gradual rise in your sales. The point is to have an extended campaign at the ready. 

Make your ads mobile-friendly

Instagram is a unique marketing platform due to the mode with which it is accessed. Most people view Instagram posts on their mobile devices. Although you create stunning visuals and jaw-dropping marketing material, it will mean very little if it is not tailored for mobile devices. 

Before posting your adverts on Instagram, make sure that they convert well to a mobile format and that whatever text is used is clearly visible. Also, make sure that the landing pages that your posts lead to are also mobile-friendly.    

Posted by Emily Dawson on Jul 7, 2021 5:48 AM BST

The fact that science can explain a lot of existing phenomena makes it a vital course worth studying. Science-related subjects mostly test how you can relate or apply the available information to solve your immediate problems. 

Science uses different theories to explain abstract events happening in the universe. Are you eager to raise your grades in science? Below are a few tips from academic experts on how to boost your grades in your science degree.

Attend all your unit classes

Almost all topics in the science syllabus are interrelated. At the college, no one will force you to attend the classes. Here, you will have to use your common sense and try to attend all the unit lectures. More importantly, never miss the introduction class or the first class. That's when different instructors issue the course outline- a very important element in your science degree.

You can reinforce your understanding of chemistry by taking a general-chemistry course on Through the General Chemistry course at StraighterLine, you will analyze the properties of solids, liquids and gases. After gaining these basics, you will then learn about examining solubility, the colligative properties of solutions, chemical reactions, quantum theory and atomic structure.

Study adequately

Boosting your grades depends on your input. You should at least spend three hours reading the content you were taught in class. For some science units, you will need more time than the introduction ones. Clear your mind before reading science concepts because they require you to use very high cognitive skills to relate them with existing phenomena.

Develop good studying habits because you can waste all your time trying to cover a unit that’s so infinite. Choose wisely the type of materials to use for your study. In this case, your instructor is the best person to decide for you. Those reading materials are usually given in class as reference materials.

Polish on your communication skills

Every topic in science has the correct terminologies that define different concepts. Do not beat about the bush when giving your response to questions in your tests. If possible, let these terminologies be at your fingertips as they build your science communication skills.

Science instructors usually tend to be very keen on the choice of words you have used in your work. It's a waste of time to have a lot of information that you cannot apply properly. It's painful to be answering questions in class, yet the same is not reflected in the exams. Someone might claim that you are an attention seeker!

Follow good rules of writing

In science, there are three main specializations- physics, astronomy and chemistry. Each of these specializations has its set standards of how you should present your writings. A typical biology report is very different from a physics report, and same to chemistry.

Amongst the three, chemistry uses symbols to represent different elements in the periodic table. How you write each of those symbols determines your success. Make sure that you practice this skill until you can communicate effectively in your writing.

Practice being "noteworthy"

Writing notes is an essential component of your science degree. While in class, do not just listen to the instructor; jot down the main points being discussed. In most cases, the largest part of t your exam is what you covered in class. The rest tests how you can apply your knowledge to the real world.

Those simple notes that you have might constitute more than 50% of your exam. Remember that you should never panic in class because the information your instructor gives is on the internet. In your free time, use your small notes as pointers to research for further information.

Posted by Emily Dawson on Apr 24, 2021 6:16 PM BST

What a fascinating place the Galapagos Islands are. They make up an archipelago of large and small islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The amazing nature and biology of the islands get it the nickname ‘natural laboratory of evolution’ – a place where extraordinary plants and animals have evolved in different ways to adapt to life on the volcanic islands.

Galapagos – such biological diversity

There isn’t quite another place on earth that has been so important to the study of nature and natural history. Sir David Attenborough has brought out his Galapagos 3D, where he travels throughout the archipelago, explaining its origins and the unique plants and animals in evolutionary terms. 

Voyagers Travel can take you to this wonderland - this cluster of volcanic islands where new ones are still being formed to this day. In fact, these islands are one of the world’s most actively volcanic areas. They’re home to the most extraordinary natural life, and Voyagers Travel offers outstanding tourism services to their valued customers to ensure they don’t miss a thing.

They have total knowledge of the Galapagos and offer tailor-made tours to explore this island with its diverse mix of animal and plant species and complex ecosystem.

Weather influenced by ocean currents

It doesn’t matter when you visit the Galapagos, there are only so many visitors allowed on the island at a given time. You will need to book early to secure a spot. 

When you book through tourism services, you get the benefit of having naturalists as your guides to make the visit even more meaningful. Not only that, you can only visit the National Park if you are accompanied by an officially qualified guide. 

The island’s position on the equator ensures a fairly steady temperature but the warmer, wetter months are from January to June, but still, there is always plenty of sunshine. The weather of the Galápagos Islands is influenced by ocean currents and it’s the cold Humboldt and Cromwell currents that cool the Galápagos Islands, keeping them from turning into a tropical island. 

Galapagos – a place worthy of being protected

The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site. A site like this has outstanding natural or cultural value and worthy of being protected. The island’s world heritage status contributes to raising awareness of the islands’ importance for conservation. 

The Government of Ecuador makes efforts to protect the islands through the enactment of the Special Law for Galapagos, which includes stricter controls in certain aspects. All hotels and resorts follow environmental policies.

Santa Cruz is the main island in the archipelago and it is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station. The research station has a breeding program for endangered giant tortoises. These giant tortoises are an iconic site and it would be unthinkable to visit the islands and not to see these creatures. The El Chato Reserve is their home and you can see them there in their natural habitat. 

A place of sanctuary

The Galapagos Islands have a unique ecosystem and there are a large number of endemic species that are larger than other similar species elsewhere. The word ‘galapago’ means tortoise in Spanish and there are plenty of these on the islands.

The Galapagos Islands focus on evolutionary research and the islands are considered one of Ecuador’s national parks and marine reserves – a place of sanctuary. 

The Islands are home to the only remaining Giant Pinta tortoise on earth. The islands are also home to the huge, rare scolopendra centipede that makes a meal of lizards and rats. It is also home to the amazing marine iguanas. The Galapagos Islands are surely one of the most unique, fascinating places on earth.

Posted by Emily Dawson on Feb 15, 2021 7:23 AM GMT