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Archive for July, 2021

With the advent of social media came a whole new era of marketing. What was originally meant to be a social sharing network turned into an advertising mecca. 

The creators of the social media platform saw the potential in advertising and the paid ads were born. These ads are designed to up your revenue, but what happens when the ads do not deliver and increase your sales?

Not having the right account

You could be creating the best copy for your brand and have some of the best-looking abs out there. If your account is not set to be a business account, then you will not be able to place any adverts or promote products or services. 

When this does not solve your problem, then your ads might not be formatted correctly, you might also not be set up as a page admin. Either way, the technical stuff matters, and these are the things that often ruin a good marketing strategy. 

Do yourself a favor and ensure that you have ticked all the boxes. Take some time to get the technical side of things sorted before starting to blame Instagram for dodgy algorithms. 

Get the people on your side

A sure way to increase your sales from the adverts that you place is to get the people to like you. When you are all about the money and never want to show some charity, then people will ignore you. Play around with promotional or free products to get things going. 

To get the work out a bit faster, you could buy Instagram followers so that they can share the ads with their friends. At, you can buy anything from 200 to 5000 real Instagram followers who will act as your promoters for a small fee. Once they get going, your campaign is sure to yield some results. 

Play with frequency

Many beginners who start their marketing campaigns on Instagram fall into the trap of bombardment. Their adverts come across as spam and people delete or ignore the posts before reading a single word. Other people fall over to the other side of the horse and post their adverts sporadically or not frequently enough. 

Somewhere between posting too little and harassing your followers with adverts, there lies a sweet spot. It takes time to find this spot, but once you have the frequency pegged, then you will start to see the desired effects of your posts. 

This is not a sprint

Contrary to what many people believe, an Instagram marketing campaign is not a sprint. People get consumed with the success of major companies and hardly ever do some research to find out that they also had small beginnings. 

Granted, things do move a bit faster nowadays, but you still need to give your campaign some time to have an effect. Being impatient and expecting unrealistic results will only discourage you. Rather, take your time and slowly filter your content through and you will see a gradual rise in your sales. The point is to have an extended campaign at the ready. 

Make your ads mobile-friendly

Instagram is a unique marketing platform due to the mode with which it is accessed. Most people view Instagram posts on their mobile devices. Although you create stunning visuals and jaw-dropping marketing material, it will mean very little if it is not tailored for mobile devices. 

Before posting your adverts on Instagram, make sure that they convert well to a mobile format and that whatever text is used is clearly visible. Also, make sure that the landing pages that your posts lead to are also mobile-friendly.    

Posted by Emily Dawson on Jul 7, 2021 5:48 AM BST