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This month in the spotlight we want to remind our officers of the importance of following the latest rules and guidance from the RSC.
We at the Networks team sometimes get emails from our volunteers saying that “this is how we have always done it” or “we’ve never had to do this before”, often in response to a reminder on current RSC rules and guidance. Examples include:
“We have always had…
  • …alcohol at our committee meetings.
  • … our committee elections at our AGM.
  • … the secretary’s home phone number as main contact for events.”
“We’ve never had to…
  • send our minutes to the networks team.
  • log gifts in the gift registry.
  • sign a contract with this venue for our event.”
We appreciate that our members are volunteers, and we try to make sure that we communicate any updates clearly to you through the Networks Newsletter. We seek approval from Member Communities Board for all updates to the rules and we only make changes when absolutely necessary.
We would like to remind our volunteers to review our current rules and guidance: If you have any questions or are unsure about the correct procedure in a particular situation, please do email us at

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