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This month’s spotlight is about the Networks Newsletter itself, it’s purpose and the importance of each committee being aware of what is in it.

The Member Networks Newsletter is our main communication channel between the Networks Team and our volunteer committees. It contains important dates including upcoming events, deadlines and notifications of the dates for upcoming governance meetings such as Regional Steering Groups, Local Section Day and the Interest Group Forum as well as updates and opportunities around the RSC. The newsletter contains dynamic content which means that each volunteer receives information that has been selected based on your network, committee position and geographical location.

In a recent drop in, it was suggested that many volunteers do not read the newsletter which means that the announcements of dates for events like the Local Section Day are missed resulting in committees not having sufficient time to discuss the event before being asked to nominate their delegates. We appreciate that our volunteers have busy lives, and some may not have time to read the newsletter. If this is the case in your committee, we recommend that one person in the committee agrees to read the newsletter and to share highlights of relevance with the rest of the committee by email. Due to the personalised nature of the content, we strongly advise that all officers (Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers) continue to at least scan through the newsletter each month as there may be information specific to your officer roles.

If you have any questions please contact the Networks Team.

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