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In the first Spotlight of 2023 we discuss the feedback from the October Networks Newsletter Survey and look at how the newsletter will improve in the new year.

In the November networks newsletter, we sent you a survey to get an idea of newsletter engagement and to receive feedback on the communication. This newsletter contains key information for our volunteers from the RSC and therefore is essential reading for all volunteers.
Firstly, we’d like to thank all of you who filled in the survey, the feedback has been crucial in helping us understand how best to contact our volunteers.

When asked about the name of the Networks Newsletter going forwards, most respondents did not mind what the name was, with the second most popular option being to keep the name the same. Therefore, the name of the Member Networks Newsletter will not be changing.
Many respondents also used the comments box at the end of the survey to provide interesting and useful feedback. To address the most common feedback:
  1. There was a wish for more events from the networks to be included in the newsletter. The Member Networks Newsletter is an essential communication of updates, events and deadlines from the RSC to the Networks, so unfortunately, we cannot include activities from individual networks. It would also make the Newsletter incredibly long. A list  of all events run by our volunteers can be found on the RSC Events website, so we recommend you use this list to search for activities relevant to your committees and members.
  2. There were request for more lead in time for events so that committees can discuss and prepare for them. The newsletter shows important events and deadlines for the coming 2 months, but in the future we will strive to include the larger events in our calendar (i.e. Interest Group Forum, Member Networks Conference, Local Section Day) as soon as we have confirmed the dates.
  3. Respondents mentioned making it clearer what the purpose of the newsletter was from the start of the communication. Therefore, we have rephrased what is said at the start of this newsletter to press the importance for volunteers to read this.

Should you have any other feedback than what was in the survey responses, feel free to get in touch at

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