Dear Members snd Fellows,

I have been very interested reading recent editions of ‘Chemistry World’ and letters from older Members’ and Fellows’ of their qualification route via the RIC exams, by which means I studied myself. 

A sprightly 75 year old, I decided 2 years ago during the pandemic to apply to do a self funded PhD on the history of chemical education in Britain between 1945 and 1990. I was accepted by the University of York History Dept on a 6 year part time research programme and am looking for volunteers who have studied by this route to ask them a few questions about their career outcomes, whether they preferred it to a conventional full time degree course, and whether this route disadvantaged them over the conventional study route. Of course, I would send anybody interested a very short questionnaire and all answers would be anonymised according to the University’s research ethics committee. 

If anybody is willing to participate could they please email me at York

Kind regards,

Robert N Slinn, MPhil. CChem. MRSC (Cheshire,UK)

Volunteers Request

Hi, I’m doing a part time PhD on British 20th century vocational education and looking for chemists to be interviewed or complete a questionnaire on how they entered the chemical industry between 1945 and 1990. If anybody is interested can they please comment otherwise email me All data is anonymised and subject to GDPR

Robert N Slinn, MPhil  CChem. MRSC
Posted by Robert Slinn on Jul 11, 2023 6:10 AM Europe/London

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