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Publishing editor - Synthetic Organic Team

Time does indeed fly when you're having fun.

Quite proudly, I am now approaching my first year mark at the RSC (cake will be involved). My editing training has almost come to an end, and I was recently confirmed as a permanent member of staff after my probationary period was over. This year has gone by with amazing speed.

Apart from my development within the Publishing Editor role, which, as I have described in my previous blog entries, has proved exciting and challenging each step of the way (and very much promises to continue being so for a long time to come!), I have also amassed a number of intresting experiences and extra curricular insights, so to say, into the very wide-ranging activities going on at the RSC.

To give just one example, I particularly enjoyed being involved in prescreening some of the Mpemba competition entries which were submitted for perusal by the RSC. I was very proud to lend my expertise to evaluating the scientific soundness of some of these entries, and I am now watching the unravelling of the next stages of the competition with much interest.

I have recently been promoted to production coordinator for two of our databases (MOS and CCR) and been given a new Associate Editor to look after as one of our former Editorial Board members has now joined as an Associate Editor. These are exciting times for OBC and working in this rapidly developing team has never been more rewarding. I very much look forward to my next year in this organisation.

Elisa is a Graduate working in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Editorial Production Department. To see if there are any current vacancies go to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' Blog or subscribe to 'RSC: Latest Vacancies' by Email
Posted by Elisa Meschini on Nov 7, 2012 3:54 PM Europe/London

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