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Bill Newton Award

On 4th September the Radiochemistry Group of the RSC presented the Bill Newton Award to Dr Mike Carroll of Newcastle University for his outstanding services to Radiochemistry.  The presentation was made at the Positron Emmission Tomography (PET) Chemistry UK 2013 meeting held at Newcastle University.  Dr Carroll gave a fascinating talk entitled 'Our 15 year exploration of the [F-18] fluorination of diaryliodonium salts'.  In the talk he described the progress that had been made in targetted fluorination of organic compounds, so that the [F-18] was placed where it was most useful, not where it was the easiest for the chemist to put it.  Another theme of the talk was the progress made in 'greening' the chemistry - adapting the chemistry to not use the more environmentally damaging chemicals such as benzene and carbon tetrachloride, and aiming to do as much chemistry as possible with water as the solvent.
Posted by Jenifer Mizen on Oct 9, 2013 4:01 PM Europe/London

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