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Local Section schools and public events 2011 - Wales

Welcome to the second instalment of the 9 week series highlighting the schools and public events that were organised by our Local Section committees during the International Year of Chemistry!  This week we take a look at some of the work the Welsh Local Sections have been doing during 2011.

The North Wales Local Section promoted chemistry at the Welsh National Eisteddfod of Wales, which was held in Wrexham during August 2011. This 8 day bilingual festival of science attracts over 160,000 visitors each year. The Science Pavilion within the festival is extremely popular with over 24,000 visitors of all ages. With the help of Dr Robyn Wheldon Williams, the Pavilion organiser, the Local Section hosted:

  • The Global Experiment Workshop, testing the pH of water using beetroot based indicator
  • pH of the Planet, which used a Welsh version of the IYC resource
  • Solar Cell Demonstration, reflecting the industry in North Wales, which is becoming an area of expertise for renewable energy
The event was a great success inspiring and encouraging youngsters to become the next generation of chemists.

In mid-Wales Bill Williams of the Local Section committee gave his Science and Energy lecture on 12 occasions, with around 1000 pupils from 28 primary schools forming engaged and excited audiences. The Local Section also continues to support the West Wales Association for Young Scientists programme of lectures for secondary schools and contributed a display of thermochromic liquid crystals for Science and Engineering Week held at Aberystwyth University. Plus, over the course of the year, committee members gave lectures, accessible to the public, on a variety of subjects.

Posted by Sarah Hobbs on May 4, 2012 8:45 AM Europe/London

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