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October Networks Newsletter

  • ChemCareers 2013
  • Manchester Careers Hub
  • Accreditation for company training
  • Chinese website launched
  • Materials Horizons Advance Articles now online!
  • New app: Places of Chemistry
  • Chemistry Week 2013: A Picture of Health
  • Global Experiment
  • Bill Newton Award
  • Accessibility, diversity and inclusion
  • Refreshed Brand
  • Staff members of the month
Dear Member,
Welcome to the October edition of the Networks Newsletter. These monthly newsletters aim to keep all member networks updated with news describing how to get involved, as well as information of relevant events, services and new initiatives from the RSC Networks Team.
ChemCareers 2013 ONLINE, the careers fair with a difference.

The Royal Society of Chemistry annual online careers fair will return from the 28 October – 1 November. Hosted on MyRSC, ChemCareers provides an opportunity to seek expert advice on career planning, making your next career move, and marketing yourself to employers. The 5 day online event will feature a variety of themed days, including: teaching, returning to work, and alternatives to university for A-Level students.
  • Discover the huge range of career opportunities available to chemical scientists
  • Learn how to market yourself to employers in job applications and interviews
  • Seek expert advice on career planning and making your next career move
  • Investigate further part time study options
  • Network with scientists around the globe
To register free for ChemCareers, log into your MyRSC account and join the ChemCareers group here.
The Manchester Careers Hub is being held on 4th-6th November 2013 in Manchester at the Crowne Plaza City Centre Manchester. The closing date for booking an appointment is 25 October 2013.
Considering your next career move or thinking about a change of direction?
Whether you are actively job seeking or just reviewing your options, an appointment with the RSC’s Careers Consultant at your forthcoming local One to One careers hub in Manchester offers the opportunity to discuss:

Planning and managing your career
Job search strategies
Application forms

All consultations are free and are completely confidential. As a new addition to the service in 2013 we are offering a selection of sessions including:
20 minute appointments (e.g. for CV advice or job searching information)
45 minute appointments (for a more in-depth careers consultation)
If you are interested in attending please send us an email with your name and membership number, as well as details of what you would like to cover in the consultation, to: One of our specialist careers advisers will be in touch to determine which option will be most beneficial to you.
Accreditation for company training
Have you considered Accreditation for the training at your company?
The Chartered Chemist (CChem) award recognises the experienced practising chemist who has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of chemistry, significant personal achievements, professionalism in the workplace and a commitment to maintaining technical expertise. The RSC work with companies to accredit their training programmes. This is a rigorous process and involves aligning company competencies against the professional attributes required for CChem.
This month, we accredited the AstraZeneca training and development programme for RSC members who wish to achieve CChem status. The initial scope of the application includes analytical chemists and process chemists and synthetic chemists in the UK. However, the team at AstraZeneca is looking to broaden the scope to other chemistry roles in the company.
If you think that Accreditation should be something your company would be interested in, please get in touch at:
Royal Society of Chemistry launches Chinese website
As the world’s leading chemistry community, we foster connections and collaborations, across national and scientific boundaries. 
We’re proud of our strong links with the Chinese chemical science community. Through our new Chinese website, we hope to strengthen these links and further expand our network of partners, colleagues and collaborators throughout China.
The new website is a hub where Chinese scientists can discover our heritage, events, publishing activities, partners and community – and how they can get involved.
Materials Horizons Advance Articles now online!

 The eagerly anticipated first articles for new journal Materials Horizons are now available online.
Materials Horizons features research at the cutting-edge interface of materials science with chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.
The inaugural issue of the journal will be published shortly. Visit the journal homepage to read the latest articles
Plus, all Materials Horizons articles will be free to access online until the end of 2015, so researchers worldwide can discover, read and share them.
Find out more by signing up to the Materials Horizons Newsletter or visit the blog!

New app: Places of Chemistry
We have developed Places of Chemistry as a public outreach tool, aimed to anyone interested in finding out more about chemistry and its history. It enables the public to discover the location and story behind famous chemistry landmarks. 
You may be familiar with our blue plaque scheme, but as we award only 3-4 every year our plaques showcase only some of the locations that made history in the chemical sciences. There are so many other stories of chemistry and science that are hidden in the streets of our cities and we want to highlight them as well in the app.
At the moment the app includes places in London and Edinburgh but we are ready to populate it with landmarks all around the country and the world. 
As we are working to add all our National Chemical landmarks and other well know places, we also hope that our member will be able to contribute with their knowledge and send us suggestions for more chemical landmarks to include.
If you have suggestion for new places, please email (or via the app) specifying details of the place (including the location and images) and the reason why the place is important for the history of chemistry.
Places of Chemistry can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play store. Find out more here
For more information or if you have any questions please contact me at
Chemistry Week 2013: A Picture of Health
16th – 23rd November 2013
Take a look at the new Chemistry Week landing page. Here you will find out more information about events taking place throughout the week, the global experiment and upcoming competitions.
Are you arranging any health themed events during 16th – 23rd November 2013? Don’t forget there is still time to apply for a Chemistry Week Grant. You can download your application form from the website.
Take part in our Global Experiment to measure vitamin C in food!

We need vitamin C to stay healthy; it is a vital nutrient. Without enough vitamin C we can develop a disease known as scurvy. But which fruit or vegetable has the highest level of vitamin C? How does cooking or ageing the food affect vitamin C levels? Are there any differences depending on where the food is grown?

Students can find out by taking part in our Global Experiment, now or during Chemistry Week.  The experiment is simple, and uses only kitchen equipment and other commonly available materials.
Results can be uploaded to the Global Experiment map to compare with other students around the world and to see the global picture!
Find out more about how to take part here  
Bill Newton Award
The Bill Newton award has been presented to Dr Mike Carroll for outstanding services to Radiochemistry. Read more on the Networks blog.
Accessibility, diversity and inclusion
We are looking for additional people to work with us on our increasing number of diversity and inclusion activities. We are particularly interested in expanding our networks in industry and education and are keen to hear from anyone in these areas who has previously been involved with such initiatives.  Anyone who is interested should get in touch with Andrea Banham (Diversity Specialist) stating your previous experience and where your interests lie.
Tip of the month: When inviting guest speakers, consider the diversity of those who you invite.
Refreshed Brand
With the implementation of the refreshed brand we are starting to produce up to date templates and materials for our member groups. If you would like a copy of any of these materials or the new logo (with guidelines on how to use it) then please contact
The Metropolitan Police have just published a little book of big scams that you may find interesting and maybe useful.
Networks Blog

Keep up to date with the Networks blog to find out what our members are doing, and read the full report about the Bill Newton Award.
If you have any events that you would like to see on the blog, send information and pictures to


Staff members of the month
Helping you to put a face to the name, this month we are featuring Andrea Banham and Jenifer Mizen from the Member Services Department.
Andrea Banham

Diversity Specialist

After obtaining a BSc in chemistry from the University of Liverpool and a PhD in organic synthesis from the University of East Anglia, in 1998 Andrea landed her dream job as a forensic scientist.  After 13 years spent helping to solve murders, assaults, robberies, etc. the bubble burst with the closure of the Government-owned Forensic Science Service and she found herself looking for a new career.
In February 2012 the Royal Society of Chemistry welcomed her back into the chemistry-fold and, since March 2013, she has been our Diversity Specialist providing advice and support across the Royal Society of Chemistry in support of our diversity and inclusion programme.  Follow her and the rest of the diversity team on Twitter for regular updates.
When not at work (or stuck in a traffic jam on the A14), Andrea does lots of fun things with her 6 year old daughter, Robyn.
Jenifer Mizen
Membership Services graduate
Jenifer Mizen joined the RSC last March as part of the graduate scheme – possibly the only grad career where blowing bubbles, coating paper with sunscreen and making element cupcakes are all considered normal. To find out more about being a graduate at the RSC, click here.
Jenifer’s desk is covered with books and information about various amazing chemists for the 175 Faces of Chemistry project, as well as with random leftovers from graduate project experiments.
Before joining the RSC, Jenifer enjoyed studying chemistry at Imperial College London.
RSC Events Deadlines
Major deadlines coming up – check out the individual websites for more details and all the key dates.

Sustainable Chemicals from Microalgae: Encompassing Biocrude through to Fine Chemicals
19 November 2013
London, UK
Poster abstract deadline:
18 October 2013

PACN Congress on Sustainability in Africa
Energy, Water and Waste
3-5 December 2013
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Oral and poster abstract deadline:
18 October 2013

Emerging Photon Technologies for Chemical Dynamics (FD171)
9-11 July 2014
Sheffield, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
21 October 2013

Carbon in Electrochemistry (FD172)
28-30 July 2014
Sheffield, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
4 November 2013

New Advances in Carbon Nanomaterials (FD173)
1-3 September 2014
London, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
11 November 2013

Organics, Photonics & Electronics (FD174)
8-10 September 2014
Strathclyde, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
18 November 2013

Physical Chemistry of Funtionalised Biomedical Nanoparticles (FD175)
17-19 September 2014
Bristol, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
25 November 2013
Posted by Jenifer Mizen on Oct 8, 2013 3:01 PM Europe/London

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