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November Networks Newsletter

  • Chemistry Week 16-23 November 2013
  • SET for BRITAIN 2014 Poster Competition
  • Books Catalogue 2014
  • Peter Scott announced as Chair of the NCDS Advisory Board
  • Where is the art in science? Where is the science in art?
  • New Global Experiment video shows how to measure vitamin C in food!
  • Deadline - January inserts for Chemistry World
  • Accessibility, diversity and inclusion tip of the month
  • Staff members of the month
  • RSC Events Deadlines
Chemistry Week 16-23 November 2013Model of a caffeine molecule

There is now a worksheet and posters available to use with the physical molecule hunts. These can be downloaded from the molecule hunt webpage. Many of you have already ordered your molecule kits but if there are any more requests please send them to with your preferred delivery address.
I’d like to encourage you to change the worksheet to suit the way you want to run the event. The formatting and the mention of prizes are at your discretion. We can upload these to your local section webpage for your members to download and complete – we can also send out an e-alert to your members if you are planning on running a hunt and want to tell people about it and direct them to your webpage (just email the document and text to
There is also an online game to accompany the physical hunt if you wish to make use of it. This is set on a desert island and the player has to cure a group of sick pirates. To do this the player needs to talk to the pirates to find out what is wrong and then find the appropriate molecule to cure the pirate.
There will be posters available to print and put with the molecule in the shops, this poster will contain an image that individuals can scan with their iPhones and android phones as well as a password that can be collected to use in the online game. The game will also contain links to some of our Learn Chemistry resources related to chemistry in health.
The game will be available from the 15th November.
SET for BRITAIN 2014 Poster Competition
Applications are now open for SET for BRITAIN 2014, a poster competition with cash prizes for early-stage researchers (including Masters/PhD students and post docs). Prizes are awarded in each scientific discipline for posters which best communicate high-level science to a lay audience. The final of the 2014 SET for BRITAIN event will take place in the House of Commons Marquee on Monday 17th March 2014, sponsored by Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the SET for BRITAIN organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. The closing date for applications is Friday 20th December 2013. For further details please visit
Books Catalogue 2014
We are delighted to announce the release of our 2014 Books Catalogue showcasing over 100 new titles. Be the first to see our authoritative new collection of interdisciplinary titles detailing the latest advances and highlighting technology, opinions and perspectives in modern science. Browse the online version, read more in our blog or order via our online bookshop
Peter Scott announced as Chair of the NCDS Advisory Board
Professor Peter Scott of the University of Warwick has been appointed as the Chair of the National Chemical Database Service (NCDS) Advisory Board. The NCDS Advisory Board gives direction to the development roadmap for the Service, which has been hosted by the RSC since January 2013.
Peter’s research interests lie in the field of metallo-organic chemistry, and he hopes that the NCDS will integrate scientific data in a way that is useful to all chemists, and continue to develop an engaging collection of online resources.
For more information regarding the National Chemical Database Service please get in touch at:
Where is the art in science? Where is the science in art?
Photograph of Bill Bryson
The RSC Bill Bryson Science Prize 2014 will ask students aged 5–18 for creative answers to these questions. Competition entries can be submitted in any format, from posters to puzzles to podcasts, as long as the content fits with the 2014 theme. The Bill Bryson Prize is designed to recognise and encourage excellent science communication in schools and colleges by inspiring students to think creatively about science.
This popular competition will be judged in three categories, primary school, secondary school and international, with both individual and group entries accepted.
The best entries from each category will receive a prize of £500 for their school, and £100 for the winning students to share. Bill Bryson will present UK winners with their prizes in the Houses of Parliament.
Entries can be submitted online from January 2014. Visit the new landing page for more information and to find out how to enter.

New Global Experiment video shows how to measure vitamin C in food! 

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient: Without enough vitamin C we can develop a disease known as scurvy. But which fruit or vegetable has the highest level of vitamin C? How does cooking or ageing the food affect vitamin C levels? Are there any differences depending on where the food is grown?

Students are encouraged to grab a lab coat and find out by taking part in our Global Experiment for Chemistry Week 2013.  The experiment is simple to do and tests how much Vitamin C is in various fruit and vegetables using only common household equipment. Results can be uploaded to the Global Experiment map to compare with other students around the world.
Watch the new Global Experiment 2013 'How To' video listing the equipment, showing the procedure and how to enter your data to see the global picture here.

Deadline - January inserts for Chemistry World

If you wish to add an insert to the January edition of Chemistry World, please note that the deadline to send print-ready Word documents is 29 November. Up to 3 inserts can be included; they are single or double sided, black and white and printed on A4 paper. Please send your inserts to by 29 November at the latest.

Accessibility, diversity and inclusion tip of the month
When working with schools, consider the schools in your area that might be less exposed to outreach and extra-curricular activities.

Staff members of the month
Helping you to put a face to the name, this month we are featuring Phil Yates (Membership Development Department) and Nic Coles (Member Services Department).

        Phil Yates
Photograph of Phil Yates
Phil Yates joined the Royal Society of Chemistry in October this year and is  responsible for running and developing MyRSC the Royal Society of Chemistry’s online chemistry community.
Phil gained his BSc and PhD in biochemistry at Liverpool University and, after a year working in the pharmaceutical industry, joined the UK Forensic Science Service where he worked as a forensic scientist for 18 years. This career came to an abrupt halt when the UK government took the decision to close the organisation.
Outside of work Phil is widely travelled, having visited a total of 36 countries to date. He has a passion for wildlife and wild places and has in recent years developed his own wildlife photography website which can be found at
        Nic Coles
Nic Coles joined the RSC in January 2013 as an Events Executive and took on the role of Member Networks Specialist in October, working alongside Sarah Hobbs and Fiona McMillan. Previously Nic worked as an Alumni Relations Assistant at St John’s College, Cambridge.
Nic does not have a Science background and studied Creative and Professional Writing at University.
Outside of work Nic is an avid football fan, supporting Southampton FC and enjoys having afternoon tea with friends. Nic would like to learn Spanish and hopes to start learning next year.
RSC Events Deadlines
Major deadlines coming up – check out the individual websites for more details and all the key dates.

Sustainable Chemicals from Microalgae: Encompassing Biocrude through to Fine Chemicals
19 November 2013
London, UK
Registration  deadline:
8 November 2013

PACN Congress on Sustainability in Africa
Energy, Water and Waste
3-5 December 2013
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Registration deadline:
15 November 2013

2nd International Clean Energy Conference on Clean Energy Science (ICCES2)
13-16 April 2014

Qingdao, China
Oral abstract deadline:
10 November 2013
Emerging Photon Technologies for Chemical Dynamics (FD171)
9-11 July 2014
Sheffield, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
4 November 2013

Carbon in Electrochemistry (FD172)
28-30 July 2014
Sheffield, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
4 November 2013

Advancing the chemistry of the f-elements (DD14)
28-30 July 2014
Edinburgh, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
2 December 2013

New Advances in Carbon Nanomaterials (FD173)
1-3 September 2014
London, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
11 November 2013

Organics, Photonics & Electronics (FD174)
8-10 September 2014

Strathclyde, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
18 November 2013

Physical Chemistry of Functionalised Biomedical Nanoparticles (FD175)
17-19 September 2014
Bristol, UK
Oral abstract deadline:
25 November 2013

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